ParkShare Application

ParkShare Application

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ParkShare is a private web application to share rented parking spaces
at EPFL innovation Park for companies/employees of the EPFL Innovation Park

Knowing how difficult it is to park on the campus, we have developed in 2015 a parking space sharing application called ParkShare for occasional needs of the companies set up in the Park and their employees.

Everyday we see that a number of rented parking spaces are not used for various reasons: business trip, vacation, part-time, sick leave, etc. Therefore, we suggest that these parking spaces are used wisely during these openings, i.e. for your visitors, for vehicles delivering your laboratory products, for your own specific needs, etc.

Please note that this method of parking is not a regular neither a permanent offer. Moreover, we are limiting the use by a personal credit system of 120 points/year/person.

How it works?
Through the ParkShare app, companies are able to offer parking spaces to the Innovation Park’s community. These spaces can be booked by any user (employee of a company set-up in the Park) by day or half day.

Please note that you need to have your own Camipro card to access the parking.

So far the Parkshare app is limited to the underground parking called “Parking Ouest”.
A credit of 60 points per semester is automatically allocated to each user (in January & July).

· Half a day costs 3 points and a full day 6 points.
· Once the space is booked, the points are debited and the parking space number is sent to you.
· There is no way to get back in case you are changing your plans. Once used, the points are permanently debited.

With the changes implied by the new EPFL mobility plan and the removal of daily parking tickets as of January 1st 2017, we need your help in offering parking lots openings.

So far there are only a few spaces offered, so it’s everybody’s interest to start sharing!

buildingCOMPANIES: how to offer one or more available space(s)?
Companies willing to join the ParkShare app appoint an “administrator” in their team. The collaborators inform the administrator as soon as they know their day(s) of absence. The administrator announces this information via the ParkShare web application
(click on and then ParkShare for companies)

Our reception desk remains at your disposal if you need help to add available slots:

usersUSERS: how to take advantage of an available space?
Connect to the online application:
(same login as for EPFL InnoPark mobile application) and book an available slot.


Thank you in advance for your participation!

Go to ParkShare platform

A kind reminder that this service is dedicated to the EPFL Innovation Park community.

as an administrator of the company that manages parking spaces:

Parking Administrator

as a user ready to book a slot:

Book a park space

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