Xsensio will lead H2020 €2.4M XPATCH project with European partners

Xsensio will lead H2020 €2.4M XPATCH project with European partners

12.10.2017 – Xsensio will lead the €2.4M XPATCH consortium funded by the European program Eurostars to develop, with its four European partners, the next-generation wearable skin patch for ultrasensitive real-time health & wellness monitoring. XPATCH will leverage Xsensio’s proprietary Lab-on-SkinTM wearable sensing platform. 

Together with its European partners Fraunhofer IZM, OmegaLambdaTec GmbH, RDAS, s. r. o. and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Stichting VU), Xsensio has won Eurostars grant for the XPATCH project. The consortium will develop a breakthrough wearable product that will reveal and explore a new dimension of data in real-time, namely biochemical information in sweat. The project, which is based on several proprietary innovations, will leverage Xsensio’s proprietary Lab-on-SkinTM wearable sensing platform, a modular sensing tool capable of continuously detecting a wide range of biomarkers at the surface of our skin – e.g. electrolytes, hormones, proteins – using an  infinitesimally small amount of biofluid. In this project, the consortium will innovate on multiple fronts: it will expand the range of sensors, implement a flexible battery, heterogeneously integrate all components into a single microsystem on flexible substrate, test the product in a clinical environment and develop an application programming interface to provide valuable health data. This project will deliver a validated XPATCH, which is compatible with current wearables on the market.

About Xsensio SA
Xsensio SA develops a proprietary Lab-on-SkinTM sensing platform for nextgeneration wearable devices that tracks biochemical  information at the surface of the skin, providing unprecedented real-time information about our health and wellness, in a simple and non-invasive way.

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