Working areas

Various public areas with coffee machines, vending machines and water coolers are available.

Self-service cafeterias are either on the ground floor of building A and ground floor of building L North. They are equipped with:

  • microwave ovens,
  • fridges
  • A dishwashing machine,
  • A coffee maker (capsules),
  • A sink.
  • Snack dispensers are : In building D – Ground floor / In building C – 1st
  • A Starbucks dispenser: In building D – Ground floor.
  • Selecta coffee corners is in building B – Ground floor.

Nespresso machines are located :

  • In building D – Ground and 2nd floor,
  • In building C – Ground and 1st floor
  • In building I – 2nd floor

> We leave it to you to get your own coffee capsules. They can be purchased at the reception desk in building C.
>> The order supply of cups, sugar and stirrers for these machines is on even weeks.

Showers are available :

  • In building B – In the basement,
  • In building C – 3rd floor – South side,
  • In building D – In the basement.

Recreation areas :

  • In building A – 4th floor (adjacent room to Venus), with the possibility to organize your aperitifs and host your guests.
  • In building C – 1st floor (adjacent room to Neptune)

Phone booths / nursing rooms :

  • In building L – 1st floor next to the conference room
  • In building D – “working space” next to the cafeteria on main floor