To the tenants of the EPFL Innovation Park

Since January 2020, a new online tenant portal is available on the EPFL Innovation Park website.

Functionalities for company employees

This customer portal will allow you, as an employee, to access the functionalities defined by the profile that your company has assigned to you. Below, you will find the list of the functionalities we offer. For more information, you can download our complete leaflet here.

  1. Employee Manager (new);
  2. Company list;
  3. Ticketing for your technical requests (new);
  4. Book a room;
  5. Jobs;
  6. Parkshare – Manager;
  7. Parkshare – User;
  8. Approved suppliers;
  9. Mobile App InnoPark.


Functionality for the company 

This customer portal will allow you, as a tenant company, to manage your employees’ access to the above-mentioned functionalities. The access rights that you will give to each of your employees will be defined according to the attribution of one of the three following profiles:

  1. Supervisor
    access to all the above-mentioned functionalities with the responsibility of defining the “Administrator” and “Employee” profiles;
  2. Administrator
    access to all the above-mentioned functionalities with the possibility of defining “Employee” profiles;
  3. Employee
    access only to features : ParkShare (7), Approved suppliers (8) and Mobile App InnoPark (9)

How do I get there?

  • If you need a “Supervisor” or “Administrator” profile, please contact our support using the email address below.
  • If you need an “Employee” profile, please contact your office or site manager to create your profile from the portal.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact