ParkShare is a private web application to share rented parking spaces at EPFL innovation Park for companies/employees of the EPFL Innovation Park

In the intent to provide a mutualized parking offer, we have developed in 2015 a parking space sharing application called ParkShare for occasional needs of the companies set up in the Park and their employees.

Every day we see that a number of rented parking spaces are not used for various reasons: business trip, vacation, part-time, sick leave, etc. Therefore, we suggest that these parking spaces are used wisely during these openings, i.e. for your visitors, for vehicles delivering your laboratory products, for your own specific needs, etc.

Please note that this method of parking is not a regular neither a permanent offer. Moreover, we are limiting the use by a personal credit system of 120 points/year/person.

How does it work?
Through the ParkShare app, companies are able to offer parking spaces to the Innovation Park’s community. These spaces can be booked by any user (employee of a company installed in the Park with a login on the InnoPark app’) by day or half day.

The Parkshare offer is available for :

  • the underground parking QI-O “Parking Ouest”
  • the underground parking QI-N “Parking Nord”
  • Outdoors parkings of the Park

A credit of 60 points per semester is automatically allocated to each user (in January & July).

  • Half a day costs 3 points and a full day 6 points
  • Half day: Morning 7:00 – 12:30  /  Afternoon 13:00 – 18:00
  • Once the space is booked, the points are debited and the parking space number is sent to you.
  • There is no way to get back in case you are changing your plans. Once used, the points are permanently debited.


To optimize this service, we need your help in offering parking lots openings.
So far there are only a few spaces offered, so it is in everybody’s interest to start sharing!

COMPANIES: how to offer one or more available space(s)?

The availability of parking spaces by a company is done through the ParkShare Manager application in the tenant portal. By connecting to this application, companies can view all the parking spaces related to their lease contract and make them easily available to the other tenants of the Park.

Only profiles with the portal role “administrator” and “supervisor” have access to the ParkShare Manager application. More information about the portal and roles can be found at the following link For any support, please contact us at

USERS: how to take advantage of an available space?

>> If you are not registered yet, download our dedicated mobile app on your smartphone, simply called: EPFL Inno Park. Beforehand, make sure you have access to the tenant portal on the EPFL Innovation Park website because it is the same log in.

This app is made for you to post announcements, questions and promote events you are organizing or to use the community services such as ParkShare.


Access is restricted to the collaborators of the companies based at the Park.

 The app is available for free on the following stores: