Mobility charter

In 2017, the EPFL Innovation Park has initiated a process to address mobility and parking issues in a concerted manner with all the companies in the Park and EPFL. This initiative has already led to a series of improvements that concern all modes of transport . With the strong growth of western Lausanne, accessibility will remain an issue for all campus players.

In order to continue our effort, we invite all companies based at Innovation Park to formalize their support for the perpetuation of this consultation and sustainable mobility management by signing our mobility charter (below).

The charter is based on a commitment in principle to encourage alternatives to the private car, wherever possible. It also aims to facilitate exchanges in order to propose offers adapted to the needs of all users, whatever their transport habits. The charter makes it possible to identify a contact person for the dissemination and collection of information in each company.

Download our mobility charter

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our Reception