ViaSat Antenna Systems S.A.

ViaSat Antenna Systems S.A.

 Innovative antenna technology changing the way the world communicates

ViaSat Antenna Systems S.A. is developing leading-edge antennas and terminals to expand satellite communication services and to enable satellite communication on platforms previously unserved.  Work on phase array and antenna size reduction, from the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, has led to forward leaps in mobile satellite communication. We are always asking “What’s next?”. What technology will push the limits of what is possible for satellite communication systems and service performance?

With the launch of ViaSat’s high capacity satellite, and with plans for additional satellites in the next ten years, satellite bandwidth is increasing and becoming cost-effective. Greater and cheaper bandwidth creates opportunities to bring satellite internet to new spheres.

  • In Lausanne we manage the distribution channel of the hardware providing residential broadband through satellite to 120,000 subscribers in Europe.
  • We are expanding into Europe the high performance / low cost in-flight broadband already offered for free on commercial airline JetBlue in the US, and bringing bandwidth to other mobile sectors like maritime, high-speed trains and emergency land vehicles.
  • We are enabling satellite communication on new platforms with specific functions like satellite news gathering, civil protection and off-shore installations.
  • We are supporting the development of new applications increasing the use of satellite communications for professional and high added value services.

The company started in 1998 as JAST, a spin-off from Laboratoire d’Electromagnétisme et d’Acoustique in EPFL, developing antenna arrays for satellite communications. Following work with ViaSat, in 2007 they became a 100% owned subsidiary and part of the group’s vertically integrated growth model designed to find breakthroughs for communication challenges.

About ViaSat

ViaSat delivers fast, secure communications, Internet, and network access to virtually any location for consumers, governments, enterprises, and the military. The company offers fixed and mobile network services through ViaSat- 1, the world’s highest capacity satellite; service to more than 2,300 mobile platforms; satellite broadband networking systems; and network-centric military communication systems and cybersecurity products for governments. ViaSat also offers communication system design and a number of complementary products and technologies. Based in Carlsbad, California ViaSat employs more than 3,000 people in a number of locations worldwide for technology development, customer service, and network operations.

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