venturelab launches venture leaders Fintech

venturelab launches venture leaders Fintech

15.03.2017 Venturelab is looking for ten top fintech startups that want to take the first step to their global expansion to participate in a week-long trip in New York. A wide range of activities including workshops, events, market exposure, feedback from investors and experts among others await the startups in New York. Registration is now open until 14 May.

Venturelab is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs – who are ready to conquer global markets with industry leaders from the US and want to learn more about international fundraising opportunities – to achieve their expansion goals. For this reason venturelab is organising a five-day business development trip to New York for ten selected fintech startups.

New York is not only one of the largest, most diverse, and arguably most economically powerful cities on the planet: over the past decade, it has been the fastest-growing startup technology ecosystem in the US, today attracting more than $3 billion per year of investment, and counting. This trip has been a game changing experience for previous team members.

This year, venturelab is for the first time taking a cohort of fintech startups to New York to enable them to benefit from an accelerated learning curve and a solid network through their exchanges with their peers in the team, as well as market exposure, feedback from investors and experts, and hands-on business development. The trip is scheduled to take place from September 11th to 16th, 2017.

While in New York, entrepreneurs will dive into the US entrepreneurial scene and will get an opportunity for personal development, thanks to a program comprising:

  • Private pitching and feedback sessions with top Fintech investors
  • Public pitching and networking events with investors and industry leaders from the NYC area
  • Review and discussions with experts about the US market penetration, financing strategies, internationalization and more
  • Social networking events with US startups
  • Support for personal business development activities during the entire stay
  • Arrival in Switzerland, September 17th, 2017

Eligible to participate are: founding and managing members of Fintech based Swiss startups who are ready to grow their business in the US with international investors, as well as build a global Fintech startup (all financial related industries, fintech, insurtech, etc.).

Registration is open until May 14th, 2017.

Source: Startupticker