>>venture>> Competition announces the winners

>>venture>> Competition announces the winners

23.5.2022 – The >>venture>> jury had selected three early stage start-ups in each of the five verticals as winners. In addition, five companies have been nominated as candidates for the audience award.

>>venture>> is one of the most long-standing Swiss start-up competitions This year’s edition attracted over 350 applications.  The jury nominated 15 start-ups as winners – three in each of the five pre-defined verticals. At the award ceremony on 28 June will be announced how the 15 winners rank, and who the Audience Award winner and 2022 Grand Prize Winner is.

The winners in their respective verticals are:

Finance & Insurance

Correntics – its software helps to reduce financial risks from climate extremes and emerging risks in global value chains.

Kaspar& – the app which includes a Swiss bank account, and an automatic transaction-based round-up mechanism that invests the resulting micro-payments in professionally managed investment strategies.

Veritic – develops user-friendly, multi-chain NFT platforms in collaboration with leading institutions, and is based on a highly secure minting and custody infrastructure.

Health & Nutrition

Amporin Pharmaceuticals – develops amyloid pore inhibitors for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes and other ageing-related diseases.

Bionter – aims to revolutionise the analytical testing of subvisible particles in the biopharmaceutical industry. The first product is a fully automated particle counter based on a new combination of light obscuration technology and smart automation to enable non-destructive sample testing.

DeepPsy – improves psychiatric treatment by enabling treatment personalization based on the individual biological profile of patients in the EEG and ECG.


DeepJudge – its AI platform automates legal documents processing enabling law firms, courts, and legal departments to save time.

RefFIT – delivers disruptive software for the material industry to efficiently analyze spectroscopy data.

Versics – develops, manufactures, and markets plug-and-play fiber-optic modulators for the next generation of high-speed fibre-optic networks for data centres, long-haul communications, test and measurement, and harsh environments such as outer space.

Industrial & Engineering

Composite Recycling – developed an innovative technology to close the loop on glass fibre reinforced plastics, common in boats, planes, trains, and wind turbines.

Enerdrape – turns underground infrastructures into renewable heat sources for the heating and cooling needs of buildings.

Groam – is a provider of biodegradable foam biomaterials for fast disposables such as protective packaging or plant substrate.

Retails & Consumer Services

Alter Ego – reduces the rate of online-purchased returned apparel by allowing shoppers to digitally try on their clothes with a 3D avatar created from 1 photo.

bravo – is a simple app, allowing restaurants to order from all their suppliers from one app.

Samplab – provides an AI tool for easy and creative music production.

2022 Audience Award Candidates
Five startups will be featured on RTS1 and will pitch for the audience award. The startup with the most votes wins CHF 10,000 in non-dilutive cash. The voting opens on June 13, 2022 on www.venture.ch

Ampliphi – its Plastic Management & Accounting Platform helps consumer brands and retailers amplify a world without waste.

b-rayZ – develops software that uses artificial intelligence to easily detect, locate, and characterize breast cancer on medical images.

Bearmind – develops and commercializes helmet-integrated sensors and a risk-analysis platform that helps ice hockey clubs control players’ exposure to concussive and sub-concussive hits.

Big Wave VR Game – is a VR body and mind training tool. By this metaverse multiplayer game community, the start-ups aims to push the VR tech to the next level, concerning body tracking movements and also computer’s speed.

Composite Recycling – see above.

Source: Venture and Startupticker