Ukraine: help and support

Ukraine: help and support

The EPFL Innovation Park Foundation expresses its full solidarity with all the people of its community who are affected by the war in Ukraine, as well as their families and loved ones. Our thoughts are with those who are directly or indirectly affected by the situation, to whom we extend our deepest sympathy.

We would like to contribute to help in an appropriate way, that’s why we have set up this webpage.
It is intended to be informative and contains a number of useful links to specific initiatives, platforms and opportunities related to providing employment to Ukrainian citizens who are in the country or who have left it as refugees.

We share here the few platforms and initiatives that allow companies to recruit people from Ukraine who have lost their employment due to the war.

Offering jobs

UA talents

UA talents is a job platform for displaced persons from and within Ukraine. On UA Talents, companies from all over Europe can advertise their job openings to people from Ukraine who have lost their employment due to the war.

Post a job on their platform now!

Adecco Jobs for Ukraine

The Adecco Group – the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company – proposes to helps Ukrainian refugees to find work. Go on


Jobs4Ukraine is setting up a centralized platform for job sharing for Ukrainian citizens. It provides pages in Different languages, a Telegram channel and the possibility to post job openings.

Meet Talent Airlift Ukraine

Meet Talent Airlift Ukraine is an initiative for Ukrainian talent to be matched with abroad offers.

Remote for Refugee

Any employer who wants to hire refugee talent (Ukrainian or other) but does not have an entity established in the country where the refugee talent is, can use Remote (Employer of Record service) at no cost via the Remote for Refugee program.

Female Factor

Female Factor is providing another source of job opportunities at international companies ready to welcome Ukrainian talent.

Hire the Ukrainian

Hire the Ukrainian is a site full of resources for job seekers and offers. Help Ukraine | Hire the Ukrainian



Umbrex is creating an online directory of Ukrainian Freelance professionals and consultants, to be accessed by foreign companies.

(10 March 2022)

Tech Talents has created a page where Ukranian can candidates themselves and companies can access the talent pool offering mentorship, relocation or jobs. has launched with the support of Techfugees and TalentPools, and offers the possibility to advertise remote working opportunities for people in Ukraine.


Pluo a job search engine, has started a specific campaign for companies attracting Ukrainian talent.

Landing Jobs

Landing.Jobs has put together a Campaign specific for Technical Talent from Ukraine.

Ukraine Tech Collective

Ukraine Tech Collective is an initiative that tries to support companies employing Ukrainian tech developers, by providing a matching mechanism for talent from other countries as the Ukrainians are involved in the war.

KWAN #TechTalentDoneRight

Kwan is offering job matching with a specific initiative for Ukrainian citizens.


Niya. global talent platform, is providing a #FutureForUkraine pledge for free Technical Training for 10,000 affected by the Russia-Ukraine War, as well as offering remote job hiring support to companies.

Ukrainian Workers

Ukrainian Workers is providing a list of positions for Technology Talent across Europe.

Ukrainian students and researchers


#ScienceForUkraine is a clearinghouse for information on how to support Ukrainian students and researchers who have been directly affected by the war. If you would like to post a position or internship on their website, please fill in this form

Questions? Contact Maksym Andriushchenko (coordinator for Switzerland).

Companies based at the EPFL Innovation Park are mobilizing to help the Ukrainian people. Please find here some initiatives we know of. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to share.

AC Immune

AC Immune, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company and global leader in precision medicine to diagnose, treat and prevent neurodegenerative diseases, is a Swiss-based but international company with teams composed of many different nationalities.

In order to provide some humanitarian assistance and in an appropriate manner, the company rapidly decided to open two positions for Ukrainian scientists. A first Ukrainian nationals already started on April 1st as Clinical Lead with a huge background in Neurology. This recruitment could be done very quickly and efficiently thanks to the network and the commitment of our Clinical Lead in Neurodegenerative Disease and his vast network in Ukraine.

We are united by our wish to make the world a better place by developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Consequently, we very quickly wished to bring our humanitarian aid by hiring Ukrainian scientists who could bring relevant experience for the company and also as a gesture of hope for the future”, Andrea Pfeifer, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director



Scantrust – a leading provider of secure cloud and mobile-based product authentication and supply chain visibility solutions – opened an office in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2018 and has several Ukrainian team members making significant contributions to the company across engineering, BI/Data, and QA.

Scantrust’s teams based in Lausanne, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Kyiv all have close ties and regularly visit each other’s countries. Today, the Scantrust teams in Lausanne, Shanghai, and across the globe were very touched by the situation and the fate of their colleagues in Ukraine, all of whom have been forced to flee their homes since events unfolded in February.

In order to help them, Scantrust and its team members collectively donated over CHF14,500 to support their Ukrainian team members and their families, as well as aid in relocation during these difficult times.




Ideas, proposals, questions?

If you wish to communicate an initiative that is close to your heart or if you wish to share your ideas for any help, the EPFL Innovation Park gladly gathers your different approaches and proposals in order to share them with the community.

Please contact us by email.


From EPFL side

EPFL has engaged in numerous measures aimed at supporting its Ukrainian communities and making it possible for Ukrainian refugees to come to EPFL. All these measures are being coordinated by the Ukraine Solidarity Operating Committee, leaded by Kathryn Hess Bellwald.

The EPFL Direction supports three programs to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian refugees on our campus. 

  1. In the first, students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in Ukraine can register free of charge as auditors at EPFL and receive ECTS credits for each course they pass. Alternatively, they can register as visiting students – again, free of charge – in order to carry out a research project in the field they were studying at their Ukrainian university. And Ukrainian students with a Swiss S permit who are interested in enrolling in one of EPFL’s Bachelor’s programs may apply for our preparatory year course (CMS).
  2. In the second, the application process for our PhD programs has been streamlined. Applications should be sent to: Scientific staff (including PhD students and postdocs) can speak with their supervisor about extending their contract.
  3. Lastly, the Scholars at Risk program, with the support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), makes it possible for Swiss universities and institutes to host researchers so they can continue their work. The SNSF has allocated nine million francs to help researchers affected by the war in Ukraine, several of whom will join EPFL under this program. Interested researchers should send their request to EPFL will also consider providing internal funding to researchers who have had to flee Ukraine.

EPFL is regularly updating its website, which contains important information for existing members of its community and for refugees interested in joining EPFL as students or researchers. There is also information on what we can all do to help.