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Tech4Trust: Enabling Trust in the Cyberspace

About this Event

The Internet revolution has drastically transformed our relation to information over the past few decades, bringing crucial questions about privacy, truthfulness and security in its wake. In an era of misinformation, cyberthreats and global misuse of private and personal data, building trust and protecting privacy has become a societal issue. Today, organizations face many challenges, among which the need to control access to sensitive data more efficiently, to ensure the utmost reliability of authentication methods without impairing user experience, and to guarantee the preservation of security and privacy in the exchange of information.

Solutions exist and can be best implemented when the different actors are connected with the organizations facing problems in a collaborative manner.


Trust Square, Zurich


  • 17:00 Startup exhibition & welcome drink
  • 17:30 Keynote & startup presentations
    • “Enterprise Resilience – What it is and how to achieve it” by Dr. Klaus Julisch, Lead Cyber Partner at Deloitte.
    • “Cyberdefence: A National Challenge in a Hyperconnected Digital World” by Dr. Vincent Lenders, Head of Cyber-Defence Campus
  • 19:30 Cocktail & networking

Presenting start-ups

  1. Access Informer is a simple yet powerful solution for companies to collect, analyze and monitor user authorizations across key systems, incl. SAP, Active Directory, SharePoint and network shares.
  2. CybrQ is a SaaS platform with self-service solutions ranging from Apps/Devices, Browsing, e-Mail, Authentication to Cyber Awareness.
  3. Decentriq is enabling businesses to identify analytics potential in datasets without having access to the data. It provides a privacy-preserving way of calculating the overlap between the desired characteristics of a dataset and the actual data.
  4. Ex0-SyS develops Alph@TaV Vault, which protects the user data by allowing to encrypt all types of files and folders, offering absolute protection against unauthorized access. It is intended for everyone and is, by nature, independent of any external control.
  5. Megaverse is developing adaptive learning in cyber awareness.
  6. NextDay.Vision offers the user to replace passwords by authenticating in a simple, efficient and secure way on a multitude of services using a security key, the user’s face or a phone.
  7. Quantum Integrity develops artificial intelligence for DeepFake detection.
  8. Veintree extends portable QR and barcode readers with a “biometrical IR video reader” add-on, allowing anonymous and GDPR compliant registration of human venous networks (and human-centered actions).
  9. Exeon Analytics detects hidden cyber threats by analyzing a company’s IT log data with the means of machine-learning and big data analytics.
  10. TRUSTLESS.AI is building a 2mm-thin handheld device and a certification body that deliver radically-unprecedented privacy and security to our private digital life and e-banking. Initially for the wealthy, then for tens of millions.
  11. Skribble is a Swiss provider of electronic signatures and enables documents to be signed easily and with legal validity.
  12. Cyber-safe.ch / The Swiss Association for the Cybersecurity Label is a non-profit organization aiming at increasing our society’s cyber security.
  13. Sysmosoft provides highly secured telecommunication solutions for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad and Android, for companies requiring protected access to sensitive data remotely.

To read more about the program, visit www.tech4trust.ch.

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