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Tech4Trust Winter Conference 2020

About this Event

A special event where start-ups and experts will give lectures and animate panel discussions on the topic of digital trust. No pitching, pure content. An excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge on security and data privacy.

The Internet revolution has drastically transformed our relation to information over the past few decades, bringing crucial questions about privacy, truthfulness and security in its wake. In an era of misinformation, cyberthreats and global misuse of private and personal data, building trust and protecting privacy has become a societal issue. Today, organizations face many challenges, among which the need to control access to sensitive data more efficiently, to ensure the utmost reliability of authentication methods without impairing user experience, and to guarantee the preservation of security and privacy in the exchange of information.

Solutions exist and can be best implemented when the different actors are connected with the organizations facing problems in a collaborative manner.


EPFL Innovation Park, Building D, Ground Floor.


To read more about the program, visit www.tech4trust.ch.

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