Tech4Trust – Trust Tech Acceleration Program 2020

The first Swiss startup acceleration program in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity is back in 2020!


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Building and maintaining trust is a major challenge for tomorrow’s society and economy. Good news is innovative solutions do exist.

With a 5-month program Tech4Trust aims to boost startups developing innovative solutions to tackle the major challenge of trust and make sure to connect the participants with the organisations actually addressing trust issues.

In a nutshell:

  • High potential startups for a valuable peer2peer support
  • High quality contacts with corporates, mentors, experts and academics
  • Prestigious partners from the “Trust Valley” ecosystem (public, private & academic actors)
  • Strong presence in Switzerland but hybrid program that can be followed wherever you are


July to mid-September 2020

Selection of participants
End of September 2020

Announcement of participants
October 2020

Acceleration program
October 2020 – February 2021

Closing ceremony
End of February 2021


All startups developing innovative solutions to foster trust in our society are welcome to apply.

Priority will been given to startups:

  • Incorporated for less than 7 years.
  • Already having a product ready to be sold.
  • In the phase of acquiring their first customers.
  • Committed to attend the program activities.
  • In the field of cybersecurity, authentication, access control, artificial intelligence, data privacy, blockchain, anti-counterfeiting, traceability, GDPR, forensics, quantum, authenticity verification or related.


Visibility & Sales
Showcase innovative products/services of start-ups and connect with potential customers

Pilots & PoCs
Creating synergies with research departments from corporate companies

Academic Partnerships
Creating opportunities for joint research projects with labs & professors

Exclusive 1-1 coaching by a pool of experts to accompany the startups during the program

Meeting investors, support in clarifying needs and development of pitching skills

Learn new skills
Workshops led by experts on tech, sales, management, legal aspects and fundraising



To reward the best projects, the partners are sponsoring special prizes at the end of the acceleration program to selected start-ups that meet the following conditions:

  • Has made substantial progress during the acceleration program: validated their business concept through thorough market investigation, established a viable business model, built a great operational team, potentially initial sales.                                                                                                                     
  • Founders have demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial mindset, are able to effectively motivate and lead a team, to develop a strong business network, and to communicate effectively with board members /investors /stakeholders /customers/ to reach their objectives.                                                    
  • Has shown a strong commitment to the program activities.

The selection of the prize winners is done by a jury composed of experts of the sector, the management of the acceleration program and representatives of the prizes sponsors.


  • “The Acceleration Program mostly has helped us in the Product development. Additionally, we gained key learnings in terms of business strategy and growth ”
    Pierre-Mikael Legris, Pryv
  • “No comments, just incredible...”
    Christophe Bron, Veintree
  • "The program is an unique opportunity to meet high-motivated innovators and experienced folks with a security mindset. It provides a platform for visibility at the national level, with an appearance at the Swiss CyberSecurity Days. It does not get better than that."
    Laurent Balmelli, Tech4Trust Mentor
  • “Great interaction with start up / mentors and some specific visitors. It helped increase our useful network and potential partners for quicker development.”
    Cecile Maye, Megaverse
  • "Trust is the crucial component to support the sustainability of the personal data economy. Today, more than ever businesses are highly dependent on building trusted relationships. While it’s difficult to win, it’s easy to be lost. Tech4Trust brings together the best technology solutions to restore trust in business. Effectively."
    Evelina Georgieva, Pryv
  • “Tech4Trust has given us multiple opportunities to gain visibility, expand our network, meet potential resellers as well as target clients. The endorsement of a highly respected institution like EPFL is very valuable for any start-up - we appreciated it a lot.”
    Julian Selz, CybrQ
  • “We were also very fortunate to have extremely qualified mentors who allowed us to better orient our strategy and thanks to which we were able to obtain really relevant information and recommendations which helped us to move forward. ”
    Julian Naftule, Ex0-SyS
  • “This program is essential to establish the credibility of the region in the security space, as well as initiate collaborations between relevant stakeholders.”
    Justin Picard, ScanTrust
  • “The Tech4Trust accelerator was for us a very interesting and intensive program, with good workshops and productive meeting in roadshows.”
    Philippe Kapfer, NextDay.Vision
  • “The program was well organized and the events provided us with valuable discussions and contacts to help us in our journey.”
    Cyril Hauppert, Access Informer



  1. Access InformerAccess Informer is a simple yet powerful solution for companies to collect, analyze and monitor user authorizations across key systems, including SAP, Active Directory, SharePoint and network shares.
  2. CybrQCybrQ is a SaaS platform with self-service solutions ranging from Apps/Devices, Browsing, e-Mail, Authentication to Cyber Awareness.
  3. DecentriqDecentriq is enabling businesses to identify analytics potential in datasets without having access to the data. We provide a privacy-preserving way of calculating the overlap between the desired characteristics of a dataset and the actual data.
  4. Ex0-SySEx0-SyS develops Alph@TaV Vault, which protects your data by allowing you to encrypt all types of files and folders, offering you absolute protection against unauthorized access. It is intended for everyone and is, by nature, independent of any external control.
  5. LaavaLaava’s Smart Fingerprint™ is a better unique identifier combining authentication, consumer engagement, and supply chain functionality at a much lower cost than other solutions.
  6. MedCoMedCo is the first operational system that makes sensitive medical data available for research in a simple, privacy-aware and secure way. It enables hundreds of clinical sites to collectively protect their data and to securely share them.
  7. MegaverseMegaverse is developing adaptive learning in cyber awareness.
  8. NextDay.VisionNextDay.Vision offers you to replace passwords by authenticating yourself in a simple, efficient and secure way on a multitude of services using a security key, your face or a phone.
  9. OneVisageOneVisage proposes 3 software development kits that bring one or multiple concurrent factors, including 3D facial biometry (who I am), 3D graphical authentication (what I know) and Premier ID that mixes multiple factors.
  10. PRYVPRYV is a compliance software for personal health data privacy and consent.
  11. Quantum IntegrityQuantum Integrity develops artificial intelligence for DeepFake detection.
  12. ScanTrustScanTrust provides a cloud-based, Internet-of-Packaging platform for product authentication and supply chain visibility.
  13. TeseraktTeserakt develops software to enable strong encryption between industrial IoT systems.
  14. VeintreeVeintree extends portable QR and barcode readers with a “biometrical IR video reader” add-on, allowing anonymous and GDPR compliant registration of human venous networks (and human-centered actions).


Jérôme Bailly

Business Developer & Marketer for the Token Economy, Crypto Valley Association

Dr. Laurent Balmelli

Professional in Cybersecurity

Kerry Choun

Co-author “The Storyboard Approach”

Sébastien Contreras

Information Security Manager, Tetra Laval International

Raffaello Dolci

Head of Swiss Digital Acceleration Team, Cisco

Edoardo Gerosa

Manager and Vigilant Service Lead, Deloitte Switzerland

Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux

Academic Director, C4DT

Cliff Kamara

Chief Security Officer, Deloitte Switzerland

Nicolas Loeillot

Chief Innovation Officer, Groupe Mutuel

Massimo Lucchina

Head of Business Development Europe, Samsung

Marco Macciò

DevOps Senior Architect, ELCA

Frédéric Mauger

Partner & Cofounder, Sysmosoft

Miso Milicevic

Lead Product Manager, SecuTix

Pedro Paiva

IoT/Digital Business Transformation Leadership

Prof. Sylvain Pasini

Professor in computer security, HEIG-VD
Head of Y-Security competence center

Alexander Stoeckel

Director Venture Capital, PMI

Paul Such

Founder & Director, Hacknowledge

Dr. Mathieu Verbaere

Head of Architecture, ELCA


Lan Zuo Gillet

Deputy Managing Director at EPFL Innovation Park