The strength of our community

The strength of our community

18.12.2020 – For most of us, 2020 will be a year we will long remember. The pandemic has impacted all of us, whether personally or professionally. At the same time, the year was a huge awakening about our weaknesses, our strengths, our ability to adapt to uncertain times.

At the EPFL Innovation Park we have returned to our roots. In the past 20 years we have contributed to the development of a fantastic community of more than 500 companies that have created outstanding products and solutions benefiting society. Preserving this community and keeping the dynamics largely intact are our priorities. Hence we launched a specific financial support program in the Spring and worked hand in hand with our key partners SPEI, FIT, Innovaud, Innosuisse, Cautionnement Romand and of course EPFL to ensure federal and cantonal support reaches startups as fast as possible.

Simultaneously we invested in the future with a series of initiatives, ranging from the construction of a new building in St-Sulpice available by mid-2022 to further reinforcing our partnership with SICPA for the development of Square One in Prilly, home of the Economy of Trust. Together with the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, we launched the Trust Valley, the economic development arm of the Trust Economy, and kicked off the second edition of the Tech4Trust acceleration program with 27 promising Swiss and foreign startups.

We have been able to adapt most of our programs to the pandemic constraints and could therefore maintain a strong link with many of you and pursue our mission to facilitate the emergence of technology leaders by relying on EPFL’s excellence in research and innovation.

None of this would be possible without the extraordinary strength of our community, the resilience and imagination of each and every one of us. Together we are a powerful force.

Enjoy the holiday season, 2021 might prove quite another challenge!

Jean-Philippe Lallement
Managing Director
EPFL Innovation Park

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