The next venture leaders’ plane to land in Boston and China

The next venture leaders’ plane to land in Boston and China

16.01.2016 – Venturelab is organising the next startup development programs for hightech startups to China and life sciences to Boston. 10 selected startups from each category will have the opportunity to explore the foreign market while expanding their business and personal networks. Registration is open.

Every year, the team from Venturelab accompanies 10 selected startups to designated countries for a 10-day development program. This year startups from the branches of hightech and life sciences will visit Chinaand Boston, respectively, to learn about the markets and how to do businesses with their natives. These trips provide them opportunities to establish to what extent their products or services can serve the foreign market. Various programs are organised for the startups, not only to acquire new knowledge and learn about the targeted customer, but to also establish sustainable partnerships with local investors. Registration for both trips closes on 1 March 2017.

China awaits Swiss high tech startups
Following the success of the past three editions of venture leaders China, venturelab has announced the fourth edition of the program in 2017 from June 25th to July 4th, 2017. Venture leaders China is a unique 10-day business development program to explore the Chinese market potential. Ten selected high-tech entrepreneurs will get a chance to give their technology and business a commercial boost. They will travel to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, where they will attend a unique entrepreneurial and business development program.

Organized in partnership with swissnex China, venture leaders China consists of numerous opportunities for face-to-face discussions with leaders of the high-tech community. It offers a focused and intense program designed to provide participants with a maximum impact on their personal, business and network development. It is also a unique way to understand the risks and opportunities of doing business in China.

During the 10 days startups have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and get feedback from Chinese investors and industry leaders. In addition, they will review and discuss key factors regarding Chinese market penetration, financing strategies, internationalization, and more. Further details to the trip are available on the website.

Life sciences startups to visit Boston
Known for its unique concentration of investors, top corporations as well as research labs and universities, Boston is an ideal country for Swiss life sciences startups to test their ideas and establish a new market and networks.

Startup founders ready to conquer global markets and want to meet with industry leaders from the US are invited to apply for the venture leaders’ 10-day startup development program. Ten selected startups ups will benefit from the program from June 11th to June 17th, 2017.

The program will enable them to meet with investors crucial for their entrepreneurial development. Moreover the intensive program allows them to learn more about international fundraising opportunities. Application submission is now open and closes on March 1st, 2017.

Eligible to apply for this program are founding and managing members of Swiss based Life Sciences startups who are ready to grow their business in the US, those who seek to work with international investors and those interested in building a global Life Sciences startup. The program considers startups in the life sciences branch with technologies such as micro-nano as well as cleantech.

pic: Boston(r) and Shanghai(l)