The IMD startup competition team announces the 27 winners with some from EPFL Innovation Park

The IMD startup competition team announces the 27 winners with some from EPFL Innovation Park

13.12.2017 The IMD Startup Competition has come to an end. Out of 130 submitted applications, the award committee selected 27 winners. While 12 companies work with the EMBA classes, and travel to Silicon Valley with them, 15 ventures will collaborate with IMD’s fulltime MBA class during the first half of 2018.

The 12 companies to work with the EMBA classes

BiognosysOliver Rinner
Biognosys provides next-generation proteomics tools and services to the Biotech/Pharma R&D market that enable researchers to better understand their biological systems and to accelerate the development of drugs and life-science products

BiovotionMikael von Euw & Andreas Caduff
Biovotion is a digital health company providing 24/7 and mobile medical-grade physiology data and relevant insights to medical and non-medical markets

certus molecular diagnostics, Samuel Zuercher
certus molecular diagnostics has created a highly reliable method for the on-site detection of patugens such as herpes or influenza virus within only 30 minutes.

CodeCheckBoris Manhart
CodeCheck supports consumers buying food and personal care products with an app that rates products based on the latest scientific research and proposes the most suitable alternative recommendations.

CREAL3DAlexander Kvasov & Tomas Sluka
CREAL3D is a startup developing light field display for Virtual and Mixed reality glasses.

DotphotonEugenia Balysheva, Bruno Sanguinetti & Christoph Clausen
Dotphoton products unlock the true potential of RAW images for AI and cloud applications by reducing RAW image size by up to 10 times with quality retention guaranteed

FixpositionZhenzhong Su & Lukas Meier
Fixposition is developing a reliable high-precision navigation and localization solution for autonomous systems based on machine vision enhanced satellite navigation.

FotokiteChristopher McCall
A unique tethered UAV platform for public safety, broadcast, and sports, which are fundamentally safer to use, fly for hours, and are more accountable than traditional drone systems.

ImverseJavier Bello Ruiz
Imverse is a spin-off from EPFL developing software and providing services for photorealistic Mixed Reality content creation, our volumetric solutions reduce the time and money spent on the production of interactive experiences by a factor of 10.

LIGENTECMichael Geiselmann & Michael Zervas
LIGENTEC is offering wafer scale fabrication of silicon nitride photonic integrated circuits (PIC) for applications in telecom/datacom, quantum optics, optical (bio-) sensing.

PicterraPierrick Poulenas
Picterra develops the first AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) enabling users to generate customized geo-information from satellite and drone imagery.

UrbanAlpsAlejandro Ojeda
UrbanAlps, inventors of the Stealth Key – the world’s first 3D metal printed security key.


15 startups to work with fulltime MBA class

AVAtronicsJeyran Hezaveh
AVAtronics is a Swiss provider of best-in-class noise cancellation technology for the audio industry

Avalia SystemsRodney Reis
Avalia enables companies and private equity investors to gain transparency and improve the returns from software development by leveraging data from operations with their intelligent software analytics platform.

BloomioMax Lyadvinsky
Bloomio is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform connecting investors and startups.

CoatCheckerJoris Storskogen
Development and distribution of highly innovative hand-held devices for measuring protective coatings in the construction industry.

External Beam Ablation Medical Devices, Adriano Garonna
EBA-Med develops innovative solutions for non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias by using proton beams (external beam ablation).

ecoRobotixAurélien Demaurex
ecoRobotix develops autonomous weeding robots to drastically reduce or even suppress herbicides in a large variety of crops, resulting in lower weeding costs and benefit for human health and environment.

FeeltronixHadrien Michaud
Feeltronix provides a complete solution to design and manufacture “in-rubber” electronic circuits and connectors for the next generation of wearables.

FIXtechMatthew Costello
FIXtech is a communications platform allowing the bulk commodity shipping industry to cut deals faster and run operations more efficiently.

Komp-ActSalvatore De Benedictis & Ross Fleming
Komp-Act: Cost effective electric actuation technologies

LuckaBoxAike Festini
LuckaBox is a delivery service aggregation web platform that enables retailers in Switzerland and Europe to provide their e-commerce customers with quick and precise deliveries.

MatchmoreStefan Wittmann
MatchMore is a B2B cloud platform for developing and operating the future of IoT-based, mobile applications.

NanoleqVincent Martinez
Based on stretchable electronics, we developed an unbreakable cable technology that we now want to bring to high-end markets

OneSkyMélanie Guittet & Manu Lubrano
OneSky enables the safe and efficient integration of drones in today’s air traffic, finally unlocking the drone revolution of tomorrow.

PersonalData.IOPaul-Olivier Dehaye & Jerome Groetenbriel
PersonalData.IO develops data protection regulation technologies to facilitate efficient communication between corporates and their customers.

TWIICEMarek Jancik & Tristan Vouga
TWIICE builds personalized exoskeletons to give mobility-impaired people back the sensations and benefits of standing and walking.


Source: Startupticker