“The Future of Health” Ideas competition has 6 winners

“The Future of Health” Ideas competition has 6 winners

25.08.2020 – The “future of health” event on June 23, supported by Innosuisse, organized by EPFL Innovation Park Foundation in partnership with the EPFL Vice Presidency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub of University of Lausanne, has generated 25 innovative ideas that address the current challenges raised by Groupe Mutuel, Medtronic as well as La Source Institute of Health.

Experts from corporate partners carefully evaluated these ideas and selected the best ones according to the following criteria

  • Creativity
  • Ease of implementation
  • Proposal for building a new solution
  • Relevance of the proposed solution with respect to the challenge

Group Mutuel’s challenge

How to make care paths more humane? With the best of current technology (artificial intelligence, big data, mobile, etc.), and / or organizational, logistical and societal innovation, imagine and propose a more fluid and more humane treatment path.

Winners and their ideas:

  • Alexandre Zeeny. Oscar, the Recovery Partner is an app that helps patients to recover faster at home, by providing them with services and the support and help them to get better and faster. Award:  2’000 CHF cash  + collaboration opportunity with Groupe Mutuel and 30h of support/coaching from Groupe Mutuel
  • Czuee Morey: A mental health & personalised disease management platform based on the patients’ disease severity, habits & needs to reduce exacerbations. Award: 1’000 CHF cash + 10h de support/coaching of Groupe Mutuel
  • Jérôme Vasamillet: Learning platform aggregating health solutions relevant to specific needs (such as pregnancy or diabetes. Award: 1’000 CHF Cash and 10h of support/coaching from Groupe Mutuel

Medtronic’s Challenge

Remote Solutions – case support to surgeons: Select an innovative solution to provide remote case support for procedures in which case support and proctoring 1:1 was provided on site pre-COVID-19. Deploy the solution to specific segments of the market across 5.000 field staff employees, 14.000 hospitals and 155 procedures. Determine best near-term solution to meet requirement and inform Medtronic about long-term ideal differentiated solution.


  • Alexandre Anthis : Use Alexa – a solution to verbally track the type of surgery and steps taken, as well as record issues. Use machine learning to announce the steps to be taken to lower human errors in surgery .Award: 2500 CHF cash + meet with Medtronic R&D team
  • Julien Erdogan : Solution to track inventory of devices in the hospital. Can locate the place and usage state of device. Award: 1500 CHF cash + meet with Medtronic solution team for hardware tracking

La Source’s challenge

Non-Exhausting hospitalization: shorten patient stay at hospital, especially the vulnerable elderly to avoid exhaustion and related risks, while not adding tasks to nurses. The solution should not only target the means deployed at the hospital to shorten the stay, but also consider the big picture, with more preparation at home, shift of exams at home, or stay at home after short interventions. It may be necessary to create specific solutions for different types of situations and diseases


  • Emma Nguyen: Secured data sharing platforms with consent (first a mobile app) that look at the schedule of the department, allowing personalization of each patient journey to save their time in the hospital, accessible also by nurses. Award:  2 x half day coaching by SILAB – for seed ideas in health innovation.

Sincere and warm congratulation to the winners! We look forward to seeing more people to join our idea generation rally!