The FIT allocates CHF 100’000 to Hexisense

The FIT allocates CHF 100’000 to Hexisense

28.4.2020 – Hexisense has just obtained a FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). The start-up based at the EPFL Innovation Park conceives a gas detector using a semi-conductor chip to detect leaks in vacuum environments.

Vacuum environments are used in the production processes of numerous objects of our daily life, from cell phones to pharmaceutical products. However, no vacuum is perfect because gas may leak into or emerge from the vacuum chamber. To ensure process integrity, one tracks the amount and frequently the chemical identity of these gases. Hexisense’s detector allows to track in real-time the number of molecules found in the system, in particular oxygen. The sensor combines optics and electronics and is based on a semi-conductor chip, which makes it small (less than one centimetre), enabling integration on existing production lines. As a leak detector, the sensor could trigger preventive maintenance before problems occur, saving time and lost production.

Created in 2019, Hexisense has obtained numerous supports and prizes, among which EPFL Innogrant, Gebert Rüf Stiftung or Innobooster. Regarding fundraising, the young company is currently completing a seed round and aims to open a series A round in 2021.

The FIT loan will allow Hexisense to finalise the industrial prototype in view of tests scheduled with their first clients in fall 2020. The start-up targets in particular the markets of semi-conductors, batteries and pharmaceutical products. In the long run, their solution might enable to integrate a gas detector in every smartphone.

Source: Press release FIT