Tech4Trust Recognizes 4 Startups for Their Outstanding Progress

Tech4Trust Recognizes 4 Startups for Their Outstanding Progress

The First Swiss Startup Acceleration Program in the Field of Digital Trust and Cybersecurity Recognizes 4 Startups for Their Outstanding Progress

Tech4Trust is a 4-month acceleration program for companies developing innovative solutions to improve trust within information technologies. It is the first step of a broader, high impact initiative led by Canton de Vaud, academic institutions and leading corporations to promote and connect all actors active in digital trust and cybersecurity, at national level. 

– Last Wednesday, at the Tech4Trust Winter Conference – the closing event of the program held in Lausanne, OneVisage (Vaud), Decentriq (Zurich) and NextDay.Vision (Jura) have been recognized for their exceptional development during the 4 months.

– The Valais-based start-up Veintree won the Herbert & Audrey Rosenfield Innovation Prize for their contribution in the field of humanitarian support, in addition to the great progress they have made during the program. This special prize is awarded every year to selected startups which are developing technically innovative solutions to solve existing or emerging social & societal problems.

– Building upon the momentum of this first successful experience, the second edition will be launched this Fall.

Lausanne (VD), January 29th, 2020. The Internet revolution has drastically transformed our relation to information over the past few decades, bringing crucial questions about privacy, truthfulness and security in its wake. In an era of misinformation, cyberthreats and global misuse of private and personal data, building trust and protecting privacy has become a societal issue. Today, organizations face many challenges, among which the need to control access to sensitive data more efficiently, to ensure the utmost reliability of authentication methods without impairing user experience, and to guarantee the preservation of security and privacy in the exchange of information.

A program supported by an entire ecosystem

Solutions exist and can be best implemented when the different actors offering them are connected with the organizations facing problems in a collaborative manner. In Switzerland and particularly in the canton of Vaud, both the public and private sectors have shown a strong interest in this sense. Tech4Trust is part of a series of vertical acceleration programs offered by La Forge, the EPFL Innovation Park’s incubator. It stems from a broader initiative from academic institutions EPFL, HEIG-VD,  UNIL and the Canton de Vaud through the SPEI, involving leading corporations such as ELCA, Kudelski, SICPA and other actors active in the sphere of digital trust and cybersecurity. The goal of this initiative will be to promote and connect all actors active in digital trust and cybersecurity, it will be implemented in 2020.

Four months to accelerate the startup’s growth

The program which started in October 2019 helped start-up companies to refine their go-to-market process strategy, introduced them to potential customers through a network of corporates and provided them with personalized technical and business coaching. Each startup had access to 3 mentors accompanying them throughout the program, and 5 exclusive private workshops focused on tech, sales, management, fundraising skills. In addition, the participating startups showcased their products country-wide in Geneva, Sion, Yverdon and even Zurich during 4 roadshow events, connecting with new potential customers. 

Celebrating the achievements during a final event

Finally, the Tech4Trust Winter Conference held in Lausanne last Wednesday closed this edition of the program with a series of mini-lectures delivered by the startup founders themselves, and celebrated the accomplishments of all. The program recognized the following 3 startups who demonstrated an exceptional business development, together with a strong commitment to the program activities and an inspiring entrepreneurial mindset:  

  • Decentriq is a Zurich-based startup enabling businesses to identify analytics potential in datasets without having access to the data. It provides a privacy-preserving way of calculating the overlap between the desired characteristics of a dataset and the actual data.
  • NextDay.Vision is based near Basel and offers the user to replace passwords by authenticating in a simple, efficient and secure way on a multitude of services using a security key, the user’s face or a phone.
  • OneVisage is a startup from Lausanne proposing 3 software development kits that bring one or multiple concurrent factors, including 3D facial biometry (who I am), 3D graphical authentication (what I know) and Premier ID that mixes multiple factors.

The startups received CHF 3’000.- from the Canton de Vaud. The 3 winners were also awarded a 3-month access to workspaces from the International Workplace Group (IWG), and an invitation to present their companies on the main stage at the Swiss Cyber Security Days in Fribourg on the 12th of February 2020.

A special prize awarded to an innovative solution for social & societal problems

The Herbert & Audrey Rosenfield Innovation Prize also awarded CHF 5’000.- to the startup Veintree from Sierre (VS) for their contribution to the field of humanitarian aid and significant achievements during the program. Veintree extends portable QR and barcode readers with a “biometrical IR video reader” add-on, allowing anonymous and GDPR compliant registration of human venous networks.

Connecting the economy of trust

In total, the Tech4Trust events gathered more than 500 trust- and cyber- enthusiasts and professionals all over Switzerland. It raised the global awareness on our trust-related challenges, solutions and opportunities while connecting the different corporate, academic and innovative actors of the ecosystem in order to better position Switzerland as a leading country in the field.

The next edition of Tech4Trust Acceleration Program will take place this fall. Whether you are a startup or a professional in the field, we recommend you to register to the Tech4Trust newsletter to be informed first-hand about the upcoming events and the next call for applications.

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