Tech4Eva just launched the first Femtech Accelerator Program

Tech4Eva just launched the first Femtech Accelerator Program

23.4.2021 – This week, the Tech4Eva accelerator program started with the opening ceremony on Wednesday. 30 start-ups and projects from all over the world were selected, among them 11 from Switzerland.

Tech4Eva, the first FemTech accelerator in Switzerland, is a joint endeavor of EPFL Innovation Park and Groupe Mutuel. The equity-free program has the ambition to accelerate the growth of promising Femtech start-ups, and to create an innovation platform in Switzerland, where disruptive start-ups and projects from around the globe can meet and develop innovative solutions for improving or advancing technologies relating to women’s health. It also aims to create a global FemTech community by connecting all stakeholders active in the sector.

The inaugural program received over 110 early and growth stage start-ups applications from 25 countries around the globe 70 or 65% of which are led by women founders. 15 growth stage start-ups and 15 early stage companies and projects entered the nine-month program. The start-ups are coming from Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Israel, the USA and five further countries including Singapore. A good third is active in the sector fertility and pregnancy followed by women’s wellness and women’s medicine. Most of the companies (14) are developing therapies.

Tech4Eva’s 9-month acceleration program consists of multi-layer activities, such as mentorship by corporate experts, specialized workshops, roadshows, peer-to-peer experience, training curriculum as well as focus groups in different areas of FemTech. Highlights of the program for the growth stage start-ups include workshops, introduction to potential business partners, investor pitch sessions and virtual road shows to Japan, London and Boston.

All teams and projects can be found on the Tech4Eva website. Eleven teams from Switzerland were chosen:

Growth stage:

Annaida – medical device for non-invasive analysis of embryos in assisted reproduction cycles.

Aspivix – Its medical device CAREVIXallows gentle handling of cervix for all procedures requiring an access to the uterus in gynaecology.

MOMM – is developing a fast and precise point of care test for preeclampsia – a dangerous pregnancy condition

Muvon Therapeutics – cell therapies for skeletal muscle regeneration, with female stress urinary incontinence as first indication

Testmate – taking care of sexual health by making accurate testing easy and accessible

Early stage:

CorDiFio – digital health platform to empower both women & doctors in reaching the right heart disease diagnosis

Haplomind – platform that effectively screens, manages and treats global pre and postpartum depression & anxiety

Kove Medical – Its device is used at the end of in-utero fetal surgeries to seal the fetal membrane and prevent it to rupture

PhenomX – precision nutrition for women

Soleil – digital program, with which you will be able to build up your inner glow and confidence

Yoni Solutions – Vaginal microbiome analysis for women wanting to improve their chances of In-vitro fertilisation