Tech Tour reveals 13 World Tour finalists from Switzerland

Tech Tour reveals 13 World Tour finalists from Switzerland

28.12.2020 – Forty-five startups developing solutions in the Digital, Health or Sustainability sectors have been participating in the online Tech Tour Alpine program since July. Following the virtual pitch session, the jury identified 13 startups have made it to the finals of the World Tour contest. Winners will be revealed on 21 February 2021- 5 EPFL startups are in the round.

Tech Tour Alpine offers a one-year program for startups from Switzerland and the surrounding regions that want to refine their strategies, secure early-stage investment as well as learn, improve and collaborate with peers and investors. With the core themes evolving around digital, health and sustainability sectors, the program featured this year 45 Swiss startups and 45 active investors that are engaging in an online collaborative program, divided into four main blocks.

The third block, which includes an open Tour, one-to-ones and the e-pitch session, has now concluded with the presentation of startups that will further participate in the program to win the World Tour recognition prize on 21 February 2021.

The finalists for the World Tour contest are:

DuoKey | Nagib Aouini | Digital & FinTech
Founded in 2020, Duokey is a cybersecurity startup aiming to secure communication, documents, and data. The company provides security features to enable companies to confidently move sensitive workloads to the cloud while benefiting from strong security controls that meet internal and external compliance requirements.

EH Group Engineering | Christopher Brandon | Sustainability
The cleantech startup is developing a patented fuel cell technology for both stationary and mobile applications to facilitate cost-effectively fuel cell solutions, particularly where high-power density performance is required.

Biomech Innovations| Innovations, Stefano Brianza |Life Sciences
This CE mark stage company pioneers Variable Fixation, the next generation implantable screw technology that boosts bone fracture healing simply adapting the stability of the fixation during treatment.

Bloom Biorenewables |Remy Buser | Sustainability
The EPFL spin-off is developing the first technology to valorise all fractions of the plants to produce sustainable and cost-competitive bio-based materials for the chemical industry. The company aims to replace fossil fuels with sustainable resources.

Amplify SA |Leila Delarive| Digital
Developed a platform and a digital marketing tool designed to help anybody worldwide to share their message in the digital media space at a low cost.

Fastree3D SA | Claude Florin|Sustainability
Developed a flash LiDAR camera module that facilitates smart vision systems for intelligent automation for cars, forklifts and robots.

Flowbone SA |Ulrike Kettenberger | Life Sciences
Based in Lausanne, the startup is developing an injectable biomaterial that leverages its “local bone seeding” technology to locally strengthening the bones among patients with osteoporosis.

CALCISCON AG | Vincent Linder| Life Sciences
Through its T50 Calcification Propensity test, the company fosters Calcification Propensity diagnostics. T50 is the first IVD test to functionally assess the tendency to calcify, revealing critical, previously unavailable information about CV risks to improve the therapy of patients.

ExerGo | Alberto Mian | Sustainability
Is developing a low-temperature energy network that saves 85% of energy and 90% of CO2 emissions compared to traditional fossil fuel-based systems.

Lumendo AG |Andreas Schmocker | Life Sciences
developed the next generation of injectable surgical fillers that solidified inside the body using light illumination. They enable new types of surgical procedures, as it allows for the controlled placement and solidification of implants.

CREAL | Tomas Sluka| Digital
The Lausanne-based company develops light-field display technology to improve user experience and attractiveness of the next generation of AR devices. The technology genuinely projects three-dimensional hologram-like imagery in a form that is friendly for human vision.

biospectal |Reinhard Stary| Digital
Through its device OptiBP the start-up facilitates accurate remote blood pressure monitoring and management, via the fingertip on the smartphone camera.

Advanced Microfluidics SA | Pim van Wesel|Life Sciences
is developing a semi-disposable insulin patch pump for diabetes patients.

After 21 February, winners will participate in additional online sessions with international investor guests. In March 2021, the program will officially close after providing online visibility and recognising hosts, partners and top-rated Entrepreneurs.