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SwissParks.ch Workshop – Cooperation between Large Corporations and Start-ups

EPFL Innovation Park, member of SwissParks – Association of Swiss Technology Parks and Business Incubators – is organizing a workshop on

Cooperation between Large Corporations and Start-ups

Friday 21st September 2018 from 11h15 to 13h45

at Room Pluton, Building D, EPFL Innovation Park

Organized as a lunch meeting, sandwiches will be provided

Given the speed of innovation, the shorter technology lifecycles, both large companies and start-ups have a vested interest in collaborating. Successful alliances can significantly speed up time to market and scaling up, amongst others. However, there are many reasons why such partnerships could go wrong. Hence the need for studying the best practices from successful case studies as well as failures, learning from the best companies & start-ups that have developed collaborations contributing to their success. In the workshop you will get first-hand experience from several large corporations and start-ups.

Check the complete agenda and register before September 17th, 2018 via the form or by email to event@epfl-innovationpark.ch

agenda and registration