SUN Bioscience wins 27th Prix Strategis

SUN Bioscience wins 27th Prix Strategis

16.9.2020 – On Tuesday the 27th Prix Strategis crowned SUN Bioscience, a Biopôle based biotech developing a new tissue culture technology. Praised by the whole Jury for its innovative and promising approach, the startup led by Sylke Hoehnel pocketed the prize money of CHF 50’000.

Winning the Prix Strategis means succeeding in gaining the support of renowned experts from different fields and influential professionals from the Western Switzerland economy. First of all, SUN Bioscience had to satisfy criteria of innovation, product development and expansion capacity but also represent a high potential for the Swiss economy

Founded in 2016 by 2 researchers from EPFL, SUN Bioscience is developing an innovative solution for organoids culture (micro-tissues with organ-mimicking functions, produced from stem cells). The start-up intends to promote the development of precision health by offering the pharmaceutical industry a low-cost, high-quality and disruptive solution. By being the result of a decade of research at the EPFL, this biotech is a demonstration of the innovative potential of Western Switzerland.

Pristem completes the podium in second position. Also active in the medical sector, the start- up offers an “all-in-one” X-ray machine at an affordable acquisition and operating cost. Targeting emerging markets that cannot afford current advanced equipments, the device is adapted to the constraints of these countries by developing a robust and autonomous system. Continuing on its successful path, Pristem is developing other devices that meet the same criteria of cost, reliability and robustness.

The third position goes to PXL Vision, which offers a digital identity verification solution. Its automated service using artificial intelligence facilitates this step by drastically limiting its cost and the risk of fraud.

Off the podium are 9T Labs, which links 3D printing and carbon fiber, and Microcaps, which facilitates the precise and targeted distribution of pharmaceutical molecules.

Finally, the guests present at the ceremony were able to crown Microcaps with the Prix du Public. This start-up demonstrates Swiss Precision by offering a microcapsule that allows the distribution of a drug treatment to be rigorously targeted in the body.

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Picture: Startupticker – Sylke Hoehnel / SUN Bioscience