Genohm, A part of Agilent

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Genohm, A part of Agilent

Genohm, A part of Agilent

Genohm develops and maintains on-premise software solutions for laboratory management, and was acquired by Agilent in May 2018. Originally founded in Ghent (Belgium) in 2002 as a small two-person bio-informatics shop, Genohm re-established itself in 2011 as an EPFL Start-Up at the Innovation Park in Lausanne (Switzerland), focusing on guaranteeing compliance, traceability and big lab data management in highly complex and continuously evolving lab environments. With the successful launch of its main laboratory software automation suite, SLIMS, Genohm officially entered the lab informatics market, proudly serving a rapidly growing set of customers in widely varying research and clinical environments.




  •  4 x Offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), in Shanghai (China), in Durham (North Carolina), and Ghent (Belgium)



1,5 mio CHF

raised funding