Startups in Switzerland: Still some potential

Startups in Switzerland: Still some potential

Switzerland’s founding rate is below average of innovation-based economies despite the fact that Swiss people see a lot of opportunities for start-ups. This is the most important result of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2015/2016 on Switzerland.

Switzerland`s founding rate stands (7.3%) below average among innovation-based economies (8.5%). The Swiss TEA rate (Total Early-Stage Entrepreneurial Activity) tends to be higher than in neighbouring countries such as Italy or Germany, but among the comparison group, Canada (14.75), Australia (12.8%), the United States (11.9%) and Israel (11.8%) differ considerably.

A look into the industry profile illustrates the obvious emphasis on knowledge and service-based industries in Europe and North America. The most important sectors of new ventures in Switzerland are created in health, education, government and social services (27,2%). Whereas Finance and ICT and manufacturing are fully male-dominated, women’s activities refer principally to Personal / Consumer Services, Retail and Restoration.

The entrepreneurial intentions of Swiss inhabitants (7.0%) are on the same level as 2014 but under the average (11.4%) for innovation-driven countries. Most remarkable are the differences between Switzerland, the United States, Norway, Israel, Portugal and Australia.

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