Sky-Futures and Flyability launch drone-based inspection solution

Sky-Futures and Flyability launch drone-based inspection solution

31.10.2016 Sky-Futures and Flyability have partnered up to bring to market a fully integrated solution for drone-based industrial inspection. The two companies now provide clients with the Elios drone and Expanse software for a complete solution for data capture, processing and distribution to all stakeholders.

The solution is based on Flyability’s Elios, the groundbreaking collision-tolerant drone allowing access to complex and confined spaces where manned entry is not possible or desirable. Sky-Futures has been a provider of drone-based inspection services across industries for over half a decade; the launch of the Expanse-Elios package is the latest response to the needs of asset integrity management across industries.

James Harrison, CEO and co-founder of Sky-Futures, said: “We’re excited to be continuing and deepening our relationship with Flyability. Through continued joint innovation we are focused on providing both our customers the best solution for industrial inspection in confined spaces. This now extends from data collection to include data presentation and analysis through our Expanse software. ”

 “As an early adopter of our technology, Sky-Futures has been a long term partner and supporter of Elios. Through this bundle package, we intend to provide our customers with the greatest flexibility and efficiency in the way they can disseminate and post-process data gathered with Elios” says Patrick Thévoz, CEO and Co-Founder of Flyability. “The launch of Expanse is a step in this direction and we are looking forward to further assist asset owners and inspection companies reducing costs and risks in their operations.”

Expanse allows clients to securely and efficiently manage their data; managing operations, data analysis and creating intuitive reports accessible to all stakeholders through the cloud. Clients are able to present inspection findings in a 3D environment and reach the deepest level of inspection information in just two clicks. Expanse makes unsurpassed drone-driven data analysis accessible to everyone from single contract inspectors to enterprises with extensive world-wide assets looking for a global view on their drone-based integrity information.


Picture: Flyability