A new partnership between GLOBAL ID SA and International Health Consulting (IHC)

A new partnership between GLOBAL ID SA and International Health Consulting (IHC)

30.03.2021 – Global ID, based at the EPFL Innovation Park, and International Health Consulting (IHC) have just signed a partnership and join forces on two major projects: a Covid vaccine Certificate and a medical e-file. 

Covid Vaccine Certificate

Global ID is developing a vaccine passport that will contain vaccination data, PCR test results and serological data. This passport will be secured by our biometric vein identification technology. This will authenticate the document and the validity of its information as well as its owner. IHC will bring its international network to this Covid passport.

The medical e-file

IHC and its partners, ALETHIA and TRAVEL PASSWORD, have developed the medical e-file which is an application available on Smartphone and allowing any person to keep digitally the documents necessary to travel outside the country but also eventually, to enter places welcoming the public. Travel Password is a prevention and simplification tool for medical care, for the general public and companies! Implemented before the pandemic, it now includes information related to Covid. Global ID brings to this medical e-file a very high level of security by integrating venous biometric identification. More on https://www.travelpassword.eu/

Our organization, International Health Consulting, has international expertise in clinical research and development of cancer drugs. As part of our work, we absolutely want to guarantee the protection of patient data with a very high level of security. This is why we have approached Global ID SA, a company with expertise  in this field.” Dr. Moez BEN ALI, founding president of Oncologists Without Borders (OSF) and director of International Heath Consulting


About IHC
International Health Consulting specializes in molecular diagnostics, as well as expatriation to referral care centers and support for cancer patients. As part of the universalization of cancer care, IHC will integrate venous biometric identification for both patient management and caregiver access and tracking. http://international-health-consulting.com

GLOBAL ID was founded in 2016 in Switzerland. Following the collaboration of several experts from Swiss research institutes: Biometrics, Cryptography, Security. GLOBAL ID has developed an innovative 3D biometric technology for personal identification based on a scan of the finger vein network.

For more information: https://global-id.swiss

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