Basic safety training sessions

Basic safety training sessions

In partnership with the Safety, Prevention and Health Domain (DSPS) of EPFL, any collaborator working for companies located at the EPFL Innovation Park have the opportunity to attend a basic safety training session.

Such sessions are sporadically organized during the year. You may inform us at any time of your interest in that training, you just have to send your request to Depending on the number of participants, we might be able to organize a special session for your company.

The training lasts half a day and can be held in French or in English as needed. It includes three modules:

  1. Knowledge concerning general safety at EPFL Innovation Park and EPFL (people, structures and responsibilities): the course offers an opportunity to meet the EPFL Safety, Prevention & Health Domain (DSPS). It also provides an overview of the safety activities necessary for the smooth running of our environment.
  2. Prevention awareness in health and safety: what should I do if I suspect a dangerous situation? Behavior when confronted with risks and recognition of dangerous situations concern all EPFL Innovation Park staff, whether in laboratories or offices.
  3. First emergency actions: first-aid workers and firemen will explain the correct procedure in case of accident or fire and you will have the opportunity to test the use of an extinguisher.

At the end of the training, the participants will receive a certificate delivered by the DSPS.