Pix4D develops and distributes its proprietary software called Pix4Dmapper that offers a complete mapping and modelling solution to convert thousands of images into geo-referenced 2D mosaics and 3D models.

Pix4Dmapper automatically processes terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by light-weight UAV or aircraft using its innovative technology based purely on image content. And converts images into highly accurate, precise, customizable and timely orthomosaics, surface models, point clouds, textured 3D and simplified CAD models.

 Pix4D technology is already used for a wide range of GIS and CAD applications by many industries. For example to measure volume extractions or stockpile volumes for the mining industry. And to create NDVIs from multi-spectral sensors for the precision agriculture sector. Or to generate contour lines and manage environmental changes of natural resources. And to produce precise and timely maps and models for construction, cultural heritage or archaeology sites and many more.

With over ten years of leading scientific research and founded in 2011, Pix4D has become the main provider and industry standard for professional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) processing software. Started as a spin-off of EPFL in Switzerland, Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and local offices in San Francisco, USA and Shanghai, China. Pix4D has also been ranked in “The Top 100 Best Swiss Startups” in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and has won awards and certifications from MICS, Venture Kick, CTI and IMD.

Find more information on Pix4D at http://pix4d.com

Pix4D is based at EPFL Innovation Park – Building D