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18.10.2018 - Installation of electric charging stations in indoor parking spaces

Further to some requests and the mobility evolutions, EPFL Innovation Park is finalising a project to equip parking spaces with electric charging stations.

We are therefore pleased to inform you that 10 private parking spaces are going to be equipped with this charging system during this winter. We specify that it is not a creation of new parking spaces but the equipment of existing parking spaces.

Therefore, each parking space with a charging station will have to be exchanged with a normal parking space already rented by the tenant. Those parking spaces are going to be firstly located in the parking O. In case of a high demand, we will have the possibility to extend the offer.

The tenants interested who currently have parking spaces in the parking N will be able to make an exchange.

Because of the investments, those parking spaces are going to be rent at CHF 250.- per month without VAT. The effective power consumption is going to be billed 25 cts per kWh. It is specified that those installations are compatible with all electrical cars equipped with plugs of types 1 and 2. Even though, we highly recommend you to check the compatibility with your car.

The lease agreements will be, as usual, done directly with the companies located at EIP and not with individuals.

–> In case of confirmed interest, please contact us and specify the number of parking spaces wanted.

Because of the limited number of parking spaces available, we will attribute them based on first come first served.In parallel, we study the possibility to install public charging stations in our outdoor parking.

For any question, you can contact:

Julian BRUNO – Gestionnaire immobilier



Tel. direct  +41 21 353 80 22 ● Tel. réception : +41 21 353 80 00


28.09.2018 Séance mobilité pour EPFL Innovation Park

Réservez la date du vendredi 28 septembre 2018 – 10h30 – 12h00 – dans votre agenda pour la séance annuelle consacrée à la mobilité.

Nous invitons les sociétés basées à l’EPFL Innovation Park à s’y joindre.

Détails et informations suivront par email.

28.09.2018 Roundabout at the entry of EPFL Innovation Park

The construction of a roundabout at the corssing of Av. du Tir-fédéral; Rue J-D. Colladon and Ch. de la Dent d’Oche will take place from From 10.09.2018 until the end of November 2018.

07.06.2018 - Cycling coachings

Hello Cyclists,

Many of you cycle to the campus. To improve your daily safety, EPFL Sustainable Campus is organizing during four weeks coaching sessions in small groups from the town centers of Lausanne, Morges, Renens and Prilly to EPFL.

A professional coach will introduce you to new itineraries leading to the campus and show you how to navigate urban traffic best during peak hours.

To respond to the preferences of as many people as possible, three types of courses are offered from each starting point:

  • Scenic ride and discovery: an itinerary avoiding traffic, in a more convivial and secure setting.
  • Quick and relaxed: an itinerary combining speed and safety.
  • Traffic and direct: a swift itinerary that uses the major roads of the urban area.

Further information on the coaching sessions and itineraries >>>

Registration – free and open to all  >>>

I hope that many amongst you will join this new action and I take the opportunity to wish the best of luck to all students passing exams.

Have a good day and warm regards,

Luca Fontana, EPFL Sustainable Mobility Manager

24.04.2018 Bike Day at EPFL Innovation Park

We take the opportunity to bring together some actors in soft mobility: PublikeTandemEPFL Bike Center EPFL sustainable campus!

Join us and :

  • test electric bikes; cargobikes; folding bikes
  • get a free check-up of your bike
  • register (or get information) to Bike to work
  • found out all information regarding soft mobility

No need to register, just come along. We are looking forward to your visit.

20.04.2018 EPFL inaugurates its new Bike Center

20.04.18 – Today EPFL is inaugurating a new structure designed to house the Bike Center. The Center, which provides the EPFL community with bicycle repair services and buys and sells used bikes, was initially set up in 2005 in shipping containers. It has since become the focal point of the school’s cycling promotion policy, and this led to the construction of its new home: a simple, functional and elegant pavilion.

Located right in the center of the campus, the new Bike Center serves the entire EPFL community. It provides bike repair services, sells new bikes and equipment, buys and sells used bikes, and offers free classes on bike mechanics. People can also go there to wash and even fix their own bikes.

The Bike Center’s new home is a simple and functional structure that came out of the “Sustainable is Beautiful” architecture competition run by Professor Emmanuel Rey, the director of the Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies (LAST). Micael Lopes and Antoine Vauthey’s winning design, which beat some thirty other entries, was then developed under the guidance of the LAST with support from EPFL’s Real Estate and Infrastructures Department. The new Bike Center was built by a local carpentry firm using Swiss-certified wood sourced exclusively in forests close to EPFL in the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg. Funding was provided by the Students Foundation (FEE), the Mobility Fund, and the Real Estate and Infrastructures Department.

Human-powered mobility on the rise

EPFL, in conjunction with the municipal and cantonal authorities, has put in place a number of measures to encourage human-powered mobility – including cycling – as part of an effort to ensure long-term and eco-friendly access to the campus. The annual mobility study, which was first run in 2003, shows that the number of EPFL students and staff members riding their bikes to campus has risen over the past 15 years. The proportion of respondents who commute by bike rose by 8 percentage points to 24% in 2017, while the number of people driving fell by 12 percentage points to 18%. There are now more bikes than cars on the EPFL campus, and more bike parking spaces than car parking spaces as well.

This change is the result of a focused effort to encourage human-powered and shared transports and to discourage the use of individual motor vehicles. The various strategies and action plans were bolstered by the establishment in 2016 of EPFL’s Mobility Fund, which has been funded by the increase in parking fees, and the creation of the permanent position of sustainable mobility manager.

The new Bike Center represents an important step forward in the area of sustainability at a time when EPFL is aiming to become the first university campus in Switzerland to be carbon neutral by 2020. The Center will help facilitate the energy and social transition in the region through the key vector of mobility.

Source : EPFL Mediacom


29.03.2018 Construction work on Avenue du Tir-Fédéral from March to mid-October 2018

29.03.2018 – The Vaud government’s general office for roads and mobility (DGMR) has informed us that construction work on the Avenue du Tir-Fédéral (RC 82) will take place from March until mid-October 2018.

This will include:

  • Improvements to the Marcolet intersection in Crissier and the Pontet intersection between Ecublens and Chavannes-près-Renens.
  • Construction of a pedestrian and bike path in Crissier (between Pont-Bleu and Marcolet) and another one in Ecublens (from Chemin des Clos to Chemin de la Raye).
  • Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Chemin de la Dent d’Oche and Route de Colladon in Ecublens.
  • Repairs to the pavement, curbs and surface along the entire stretch of road.

In addition, from 26 March to 15 May, construction work around Les Triaudes will be carried out at night, when the M1 is not running.

Please be extra cautious during the construction work, especially given the many cyclists who use these roads.

>>> For more information (in French only) – Construction work on Avenue du Tir-Fédéral (PDF)

6.02.108 Removal of the abandoned bikes

06.02.2018 Some abandoned bikes are regularly reported by the students and the members of the community of the EPFL/EPFL Innovation Park. In order to vacate some parking spaces for bikes, the EPFL’s Unit Sustainable Campus will have them removed between 9th February and 16th March 2018.

As it is sometimes difficult to distinguish an abandoned bike from another one which is just in poor condition, a label will be sticked on every bike parked on the campus.

The owners will have then to remove the label before mid-March or their bike will be taken away and stored before being recycled or sold at the Bike Center with the support of the Students Foundation of the EPFL (FEE).

Best regards,

EPFL Innovation Park

20.04.2018 EPFL inaugurates its new Bike Center

public transport operators TL and MBC, we are delighted to announce important improvements in the m1 metro and the Morges Bière Cossonay (MBC) buses service. This evolution is the most important one since 2006 and arises as a response to the high expectations of travelers on these lines.

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27.09.2017 - Bike parking: construction work

As a response to the growing demand in bike parking, around 600 additional spaces will be deployed in the coming weeks. Some bicycle racks will have to be removed to make way for two-storey models.

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26-28.09.2017 - Mobility Workshops organized with companies at EPFL Innovation Park

In order to identify companies’ needs and to provide cooperative and innovative solutions, 2 workshops have been organized : they included the sharing of best practices by a companies of EPFL Innovation Park and group work focused on target population and travel categories. Those workshops have helped to design an action plan.

26.06.2017 Electric cargo bikes now available for use, free of charge, at EPFL

Starting today, three electric cargo bikes will be available for use on campus to transport heavy or bulky objects.

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