Le Garage


A unique opportunity to welcome very young start-ups
in their first premises.





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Located in Ecublens, a 10-minute walk from the EPFL campus, Le Garage is a building hosting very young companies in their first premises. Start-ups have the opportunity to settle in these premises for a maximum period of one to two years while they start growing.

17 office modules from 18sqm to 55sqm

One shared kitchen

2 meeting rooms

EPFL Wifi access


The access to Le Garage is limited to companies having strong links with the EPFL such as being a student, an alumnus, an employee or having a project developed by an EPFL Lab. Upon availability, the innovation and development potential of the project will be evaluated before acceptance.


Aixpert Sàrl

An artificial intelligence solutions provider that gives organizations and enterprises to utilize the cutting-edge AI technology more easily.
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Our near-eye light-field projector brings true depth into Virtual Reality..
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Daphne Technology

An artificial intelligence solutions provider that gives organizations and enterprises to utilize the cutting-edge AI technology more easily.
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Komp-ACT aims to develop breakthrough electric motors for aircrafts, helicopters and UAVs actuation systems as well as for electric aircrafts propulsion systems.

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LiGenTec SA 

LIGENTEC is an expert in offering photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with unprecedented silicon nitride thickness up to 2500nm maintaining very low propagation loss
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Lymphatica develops a micropump-based medical device for the treatment of lymphedema, a chronic disabling condition occurring as side effect of cancer therapy.
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Predicting to protect the industrial world.
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software for 3D digital product, industrial design, architecture and construction.
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Develops intuitive and immersive drone controller based on motion tracking and haptic feedback.
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Peacock Solutions

Pronostics et prévisions; optimisation; détection de tendances; analyses avancées; software engineering.

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Picterra brings to the market the first Artificial Intelligence Platform As a Service able to generate customized geo-information from large amount of Earth Observation data (Satellite and UAV/drone images)
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Pristem SA provides medical imaging systems specifically designed for the emerging markets, combining Swiss-quality industrial know-how with next generation digital technologies.
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Rovenso design, manufacture and market agile robots that preserve human life from hazardous operations in harsh environment and emergency response.
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SkAD Labs Sàrl

SkAD Labs radically changing the way engineers are developing their products through intelligent software solutions that harness the power of Medial Axis Representation™ (MAR™) technology for a digital embodiment of 3D objects.

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multi-channel software platform to connect tenants, condo-owners, property managers and service providers.


Boost productivity of Scala teams by drastically reducing compilation time of Scala programs.
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Viventis Microscopy

Viventis Microscopy provides innovative light sheet microscope systems for live imaging of sensitive biological samples such as embyos and organoids.
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