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Ladies who Lunch

You are new at the EPFL innovation Park and you would like to meet people ? You have been here for a while and would like to expand your network at the Park ? You are willing to share tips, experiences? You want to talk business because you are passionate about your job? You don’t want to talk business because you need a break in your busy day ? Or you already came at one of the two first sessions and found it great?

Then Ladies who Lunch is made for you! This is an opportunity for women (working in companies at EPFL Innovation Park) to meet each other in a casual way.
In the process, participants order and pay their own meal and then join our privatized area at PUUR restaurant.

To register, go the Private Mobile App of the Innovation Park – select the “events” section the Ladies who Lunch of the month, click on it and register!

Welcome ladies and looking forward to seeing you there!

And you can already save the next dates:

Thursday 10.03.2016
Thursday 14.04.2016
Thursday 12.05.2016
Thursday 09.06.2016

PS: this is a private event. If you are not working at EPFL Innovation Park, get in touch wiht the organiser



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