Innosuisse Supported Startup Training fosters multidisciplinary collaboration across Western Switzerland

Innosuisse Supported Startup Training fosters multidisciplinary collaboration across Western Switzerland

EPFL Innovation Park is a proud partner of Innosuisse and assists the implementation of their startup support and training activities such as Feel the Startup Groove Events and Business Concept Training.

Despite the ongoing health crisis continuing to pose challenges, it has also presented new opportunities to adapt our resources to support our innovation communities across Switzerland. In many ways, the digitization of our events and trainings was a conduit for easier participation and wider participation by training and event participants.

Across five cities, Innosuisse Business Concept participants showed their infallible innovative spirit presenting amazingly refined and developed projects at the end of the 12-week course. Additionally, these teams forged collaborative relationships with students, faculty and researchers from the various universities within their cities across academic backgrounds in science, business, architecture, art, humanities amongst others.

Out of the 47 projects that completed the training, a few achieved distinction winning various awards for their effort and business viability. This year we are honored to partner with the Rosenfeld Foundation to support the ongoing progress of the companies.

The  notable projects and recipients of the Rosenfeld Prize were: 

SigeMed (Geneva), led by Founder and President of OsiriX Foundation, which promotes the development of open source software in medicine, Osman Ratib and Professor Guiseppe Iacobucci of the Department of Nuclear and Corpuscular Physics,  aims to develop and manufacture the new PET scanners both for pre-clinical animal imaging and for human applications. 

MiniMarrow (Lausanne), an injectable device “Mini Marrow” containing a biomaterial scaffold, supportive cells and blood stem cells with the capacity to sustain a long-term production of human platelets PLTs (~ 3 months)

Smart Helmet (Lausanne), an adaptable technology to sports helmets designed to provide reliable head impact information with the aim to reduce concussions and long term trauma in contact sports. 

Cycle Care (Yverdon), a system of powerful and long lasting lights integrated in the handlebars that provide cyclists a wider light parameter when traveling at night.  

Musée d’histoire post-naturelle (Fribourg) aims to become the first museum in Europe solely dedicated to collecting and exhibiting organisms altered or modified by humans.

Additionally, The Diner (Fribourg), a mobile game to help develop healthier eating habits received the FRIUP cash prize and personalized coaching. Artemis (Geneva) a patented local drug delivery system preventing vein obstruction, received the Best Prize for Life Science, a personalized 6 months of hosting and coaching program by the Geneva life science incubator Geneus, jointly run by EPFL Innovation Park and Fongit. 

Lastly, Lausanne projects SoundMap, a smart belt that guides the blind through directional sounds, and Simply Souperlicious, a B2B fresh soup delivery business, won the La Forge Prize which includes tailored incubation and coaching support. 

To view more to view more details of the winning teams as well as the rest of the 47 project descriptions visit our Science 2 Market Website

In all, we are happy to have trained 220 ambitious researchers and students, and supported the development of 78 projects. Spring Semester Business Concept Training is underway and we can’t wait to see what ideas develop.