Innosuisse presents its results for 2021

Innosuisse presents its results for 2021

19.4.2022 – Start-ups make intensive use of Innosuisse’s support services. The new annual magazine Discover provides insights into the work of the organisation and presents the most important figures.

Innosuisse’s innovation funding remained at a very high level in 2021. In total, Innosuisse approved funding contributions amounting to CHF 329.7 million in 2021 compared to CHF 313.6 million in 2020. CHF 207 million thereof went to national innovation projects. 438 projects were approved last year. The approval rate was 51%. Details on the projects as well as on initiatives such as the NTN Innovation Booster or the Flagships can be found in the annual magazine.

For startups, the Swiss innovation agency facilitates the creation and development of knowledge and technology-based companies through training, coaching, internationalisation camps, and trade fair offers.

Last year, Innosuisse funded 121 training courses for people interested in founding a company and startup. These attracted 5,476 training participants to one of the four modules, with module 1, Business Idea being the most commonly visited course (3658 participants enrolled in the module). The advanced stage module, business growth, supported 141 projects. The number of participants increased by 26% compared to 2020, indicating a high level of interest in foundation topics in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The proportion of women among training participants was 46%. Innosuisse approved CHF 3.7 million budget for the training.

Demand for the three-part coaching programs comprising the initial coaching, core coaching and scale-up coaching – for which CHF 4.3 million budget was granted – remained constant in 2021. Out of 476 submitted applications, 319 made it into the coaching programs, with women in the management team accounting for 20% of the participants. Overall, 543 startups were enrolled in the coaching programs by the end of 2021, representing a slight decrease of 5 percent compared to the previous year. After completing the Core coaching program, startups can apply for Innosuisse Certificate confirming they are “ready for sustainable growth”. Last year it has been awarded to 23 companies.

Internationalisation camps, organised by Innosuisse and its partners, allow startups to explore new global markets and gain visibility to attract partners, investors or customers. 58 startups from the coaching program joined the internationalisation camps in 2021. In addition to the 9 locations (San Francisco, Boston, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, London, Bangalore, Shanghai, Guangzhou), Innosuisse now bring startups to Tel Aviv (Israel), Seoul (South Korea) and Osaka (Japan) as new destinations.

Besides the camps, startups in the coaching program have the opportunity to attend international trade fairs in the Swiss Pavilions. 94 startups demonstrated their solution at international trade fairs last year. Innosuisse invested more than one million Swiss francs for camps and trade fairs.

Get more insights into Innosuisse activities in the Discover report.

Source: Startupticker