HemostOD raises CHF 1.7M in seed round financing

HemostOD raises CHF 1.7M in seed round financing

02.9.2021 – HemostOD SA, based at EPFL Innovation Park, Swiss leader in the production of on-demand, immune-neutral platelets, announces that it has successfully raised CHF 1.7M in seed round financing led by Orenok Holdings SA. This seed round will enable an acceleration of development towards clinical stages.

Resulting from over 10 years of research in microfluidic and stem-cell engineering, HemostOD’s unique bioreactor enables the manufacturing of ex-vivo platelets in just a few hours. HemostOD’s technology for ondemand platelets provide a revolutionary alternative to today’s blood donor platelets system both in terms of reliable access and long-run cost effectiveness. The immune neutrality of platelets thereby produced represent a major breakthrough for allo-immunized patients and cancel out allo-immunization for at-risk patients.

This seed round will support progression towards clinical stages and will lead to:

  • The scale-up of the technology
  • The development of an unlimited source of platelet mother cells
  • The consolidation of the manufacturing process and pre-clinical package in accordance with regulatory authorities

This announcement is accompanied by the appointment of Laurent Massuyeau, President of Orenok Holdings and CEO of iQone Healthcare, as President of HemostOD’s board of directors. With 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, his contribution will be key for the development of HemostOD’s product, future market launch and overall success. Faouzi Khechana, co-founder of HemostOD, remains CEO and will continue to lead operations and strategic developments.

Faouzi Kechana, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HemostOD: “The co-founders and the management team are delighted with the support of our investors and partners for our seed round as we push forward to scale up our platelet biology platform. So far, we’ve seen how the approaches we’ve developed can help us understand complex biology and get platelets developed faster and more cost-effectively. This oversubscribed seed round provides further validation and support for our strategy as our platform progresses towards clinical stages. The funding, intellectual capital, and connections our investors provide to HemostOD will empower us to build upon our initial successes.”

Laurent Massuyeau, President of Orenok Holdings and of HemostOD’s board of directors: “The technology platform developed by HemostOD is very promising and is opening the door to providing solutions to longstanding medical needs. This financing round is an important step  towards achieving the next company milestones as planned by the HemostOD team.

About HemostOD

Inspired by the mechanisms of platelet generation in the bone marrow, HemostOD developed an innovative  solution to produce ex vivo platelets. Our unique process allows the generation of high quantities of engineered platelets in a short period of time. HemostOD’s product provides the only efficient alternative to blood donor platelet transfusions. HemostOD creates a new source of platelets, manufactured on demand, to relieve blood banks and hospitals. We provide reliable access to platelets for all. Beyond transfusions, standardized manufacturable platelets also open the way to new treatment opportunities. https://hemostod.com/

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