La Forge

What is La Forge

Located at the heart of EPFL Innovation Park, La Forge is a co-working space offering a unique environment for starting entrepreneurs related to EPFL to shape their ideas into companies. We believe there is no shortage of good ideas and promising technologies to solve the issues of our time. The challenge is to turn them into real innovations reaching their customers.

La Forge exists to offer starting entrepreneurs and actors of the startup ecosystem [from the EPFL environment] a flexible and open place to work and meet.  For a free or extremely affordable fee, it offers the tools and trimmings needed to launch innovative ventures. Being a location full of diverse people doing amazing things, the Start Forge is here to allow for meaningful encounters, exchange and inspiration and visibility for entrepreneurs.

La Forge is open to innovative entrepreneurs in their starting phase, and startup value added contributors. 



What does it offer

La Forge offers a flexible open space with a conference room, several meeting cabins for your one to one or business and sales calls, free internet, and a printer.

Starting entrepreneurs accepted in La Forge will enter in an execution program comprising progress reviews at regular intervals and support to move forward. They will be connected to all relevant support and acceleration initiatives.

La Forge also organizes presentations and workshops at regular intervals on key topics for launching entrepreneurs, and demo days intervals to give start-ups opportunities to show case their innovations.


Who can use it and how much does it cost?


Entrepreneurs selected in recognized entrepreneurial trainings (CTI Entrepreneurship, Venture Challenge,…) and support schemes  (Innogrants, Venture kick, FIT, … ) are granted free access to the open space, subject to approval by the management committee.


Access is given for a period of 6 month, which can be renewed one time for another 6 months.

Apply here to receive your pass