Genohm and Interactive Biosoftware are entering in a technology partnership and integration

Genohm and Interactive Biosoftware are entering in a technology partnership and integration

17.10.2016 – Lausanne, Switzerland and Rouen, France: Today Genohm, a laboratory management software company with offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, Ghent, Belgium and Durham, NC, USA and Interactive Biosoftware, a genomic variant interpretation software company with offices in Rouen, France announced that they are entering in a technology partnership and integration.

The partnership and the SLims-Alamut integration will offer customers a comprehensive solution that enables the seamless management of any NGS workflow from sample management, raw data generation to variant interpretation and reporting.

“We are very proud to partner with Interactive Biosoftware” said Frederik Decouttere, CEO of Genohm. “We strongly believe that this integration is a perfect fit for customers that are looking for a 360° environment for the management of their NGS workflows. Today scientists need to organize their genetic data management systems in a tailored way, we are confident that the SLims-Alamut integration will help them exactly do that.”

Juliette Renauld, CFO of Interactive Biosoftware added ” The SLims-Alamut integration provides a unique and flexible solution encompassing the full spectrum of components needed for NGS analysis, from samples to reports. This has been a strong expectation of clinical genetics labs for years and we have found that integrating Alamut components into SLims was an excellent opportunity to reach that goal.”

The SLims-Alamut integration will be presented at the 2016 ASHG Meeting that will be held in Vancouver, October 18-22. It will be the 66th Edition of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. Genohm will be at the booth #1432 and Interactive Biosoftware at the booth #1417. Come and visit us to learn more about the SLims-Alamut integration and request a demo. We will be very happy to explain and show you its potential.

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