GASPAR – personal authentification for EPFL services

GASPAR – personal authentification for EPFL services

The GASPAR account allows accredited users (users with a CAMIPRO) to access the secured EPFL services (listed below) that requires authentification.

Please find below the information relative to your Gaspar access to EPFL services:

Step 1 : Contact your Gaspar administrator, and you will receive an email to your personal account

Step 2 : Go on the link: and Login with the personnal account your received in step1 .

Step 3 :  Change your password:

  • Go go to the tab « My password » and select « Change my password»
  • Please bear in mind the following rules for changes of passwords:
    • Minimum 10 characters
    • Must contain one character at least of each of the following category: uppercase, lowercase, digits and special character ; note that only ISO-LATIN-1 characters can be used
    • Does not contain any part of your identify (name, given name, username, birth date, etc…)
    • Does not contain consecutive characters or words that can be found in a dictionary
    • Your proposed new password will be tested against the above rules and might be rejected if it does not meet all the required criteria.

EPFL services granted to employees of companies established at the EPFL Innovation Park

These services are accessible with your GASPAR account 

Services Description Information and procedures on :
Electronic payment system Charge your Camipro card by e-banking. Check your balance online
(borrow a bike)
Subscribe to the service and benefit from a special price of CHF 50.-/year or 25.-/6 months. It gives you access to the Lausanne-Morges network as well as to the entire PubliBike national network of the same generation. The first 60 minutes are included for each use.
Green Motion

(Electric vehicle charging)

Charge of your electric vehicle in the Green Motion network.

(Electric barbecue)

The electrical barbecue concept installed at EPFL
Memento Announcement of your events to the EPFL community. Receive weekly report on specific events you selected