Forbes 30Under30 DACH welcomes 15 Swiss start-up founders

Forbes 30Under30 DACH welcomes 15 Swiss start-up founders

11.11.2020 – The latest list of Forbes 30Under30 2020 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland consists of 90 personalities among which 15 are founders of technology start-ups in Switzerland.

From Switzerland, there are 15 start-up founders and 3 are from EPFL Innovation Park ecosystem:

Florian Fallegger, Neurosoft
The medtech start-up develops implantable medical devices to interface with the brain and spinal cord to treat patients suffering from neurological disorders. It is the only company to date able to combine incredibly soft materials that match the mechanical properties of the nervous tissues with high-density electrodes.

Ketevani Zaridze, Logmind
Logmind’s software platform helps companies automatically diagnose and troubleshoot problems from their complex IT infrastructure.

Hilda Liswani, WeBloom
A non-profit organisation that supports and promotes African companies run by women in the fields of recycling management, sustainable agriculture and renewable energies.