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Workshop EPFL Innovation Park – Learn how Enneagram will help your personal and business life

EPFL Innovation Park Workshop

Learn how Enneagram will help your personal and business life –
by Jean de Skowronski and Amine Cassim

June 29th, 2018 – 13:30 – 17:30
Room Neptune, Building C (1st floor)


Why knowing yourself better and understanding (a bit better) how others function will help you in your personal and entrepreneur/business life ?

The Enneagram is an established tool that will support you along your quest for personal growth. It allows to better understand the main facettes of one’s personality, in particular the « personal fear », and those of our private/business partners. It is a dynamic, immediately applicable tool that covers all situations in our daily lives

The environment of business/entrepreneurship requires well established hard and soft skills. Nevertheless, a good business idea can become an industrial disaster when soft skills are inappropriately developed; and the success of a challenging venture can be just around the corner when these soft skills are displayed pacifically

This workshop is an introduction to the Enneagram as a solid tool for personal development and for a better understanding of the other. For those further interested by the path, it provides directions for additional digging.

You will

  • be put on the path for recognising the main characteristics of your own personality, what drives you and what is the nature of your biggest fear
  • better realise and understand how others act and react, in particular your « significant others » and your business partners
  • be in a position to start applying consciously the tool every day, and in particular in your activities as entrepreneurs/leaders
  • be guided on where to go from there, for those willing to move on

The workshop will be held in French (main) and English and will be mostly interactive.

Bio of the workshop leaders

Amine Cassim
Amine Cassim is Consultant in Meditation and Enneagram, based between Berlin, Paris and Switzerland. After 15 years in the financial sector trading derivatives, he decided to change path after a trip to India. He first collaborated with the ICRC in Mumbai during the 2005 tsunami, then spent 4 years in Dharamsala at the Norbulingka Institute under the chairmanship of the Dalai Lama. During this stay, he could work with different cultures (Tibetan, Indian and occidental) and understand their different approaches. Since then, he delivers workshops in meditation and consults in Enneagram. Amine studied finance at the Sorbonne University and graduated from the CEE – Centre d’Etudes de l’Ennéagramme in Paris in 2016.

Jean de Skowronski
Jean de Skowronski is Attorney at Law in Lausanne and Geneva, partner of an independent asset manager specialised in disruptive technologies and consultant in Enneagram. Previously, he spent over 25 years in investment banking and ultra wealthy individuals’ wealth management coverage. Having faced and experienced various break-up situations in his business and personal routes, he decided to better understand what can originate and drive these. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and graduated from the CEE – Centre d’Etudes de l’Ennéagramme in Paris in 2017.

Places are limited.



Björn Ignell
Marketing & Course Manager – Fast Track Training Programs