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Workshop EPFL Innovation Park: Learn about Insurances

Learn about Insurances to effectively manage your business risks by Isaac Amram from AXIOM

Friday March 15th, 2019 – from 13:30 to 15:30
Room Neptune, Building C, 1st floor
 , EPFL Innovation Park


Axiom, represented by CEO Mr Isaac Amram, is an insurance broker well know to the EPFL Innovation Park. Together with a team of underwriters belonging to insurance companies in the fields below, Mr Amram will lead this workshop to explain how specific insurance coverages in the following fields can benefit your business:

  • Life sciences
  • D&O (Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance)
  • Technology and Professional Liability

Life sciences

Medical and biotechnology research and development continue to grow at great pace with the overall aim of bringing life-changing products to market as efficiently and safely as possible.
Changes in regulations and requirements by government regulators and ethics committees make the development of a medicinal product more challenging than ever. The way clinical trials are designed and conducted is constantly evolving due to advances in technology and information about diseases. There is also greater demand for clinical trials to be initiated and completed within short timescales to enable faster access of new products to patients.

We know that clinical trials can be complex, so we can tailor insurance solutions which best suit the type of trial programme and the client’s needs, in a timely and compliant manner, ranging from single clinical trial to the large multinational trial programmes.

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance

This insurance aim to cover the cases where the insured person is the object of a claim targeting the compensation for a pecuniary loss due to a real or alleged management fault.
D&O insurance protects the private wealth of the insured persons in case of damages resulting from a violation of the obligations committed while exercising their duties as body (for example : lack of supervision, error in published information, non-compliance of framework conditions…). Defence or media rehabilitation costs are included into the standard extended coverages.

Technology and Professional Liability

The Technology and Professional Liability aim to cover the insured person in case of claims resulting from a professional error originating in the service and technology sector or in events so-called Cyber.
It allows the defence of the insured person in case of questioning of this one but as well in case of loss incurred by the insured himself including: notification fees in case of data or network breaches, crisis or emergency management fees, data or operating loss.

Limited to EPFL Innovation Park Companies and to 25 participants


Björn Ignell
Marketing & Course Manager