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Workshop EPFL Innovation Park: Company valuation by Ernst&Young

Workshop EPFL Innovation Park:

Company valuation by Ernst & Young

September 12th, 2019 from 13:30-17:30, Room Uranus, EPFL Innovation Prak

Valuation – a common language

Fundraising will always be a harrowing process. Rarely do founders and investors readily agree on the value of a business. But why? Could understanding the language of valuation help enable communication?  It is said that finance is neither art nor science but a craft. And as in every craft, the basics must be mastered. In finance, the basics are like grammar and the valuation process, the spoken word. To successfully communicate with investors through the language of finance, one should have a basic understanding of its grammar.

Workshop Overview 

Drawing on its experience of working with founders and investors, EY’s Valuation, Modeling & Economics team has developed a workshop to help teach the basics of start-up valuation. Designed for the beginner as well as for the financially-trained, the workshop is meant to help founders to not only understand what drives the value of their business but to also communicate more effectively with investors.

Workshop Highlights

  • Understand the Swiss Venture Capital scene
  • Learn the most appropriate type of business plan to use for your business
  • Learn about the questions you want to ask yourself when building your business plan
  • Learn about the different types of valuation methods to use throughout a company’s life stage
  • Learn about real life business cases as encountered by EY
  • Understand the major drivers behind your company’s value
  • Understand the rates of returns expected from investors
  • Understand the mechanics and impact of dilution


Who is EY? Who is TAS?

EY’s Valuation, Modeling & Economics team, a part of the wider Swiss Transaction Advisory Services line has extensive experience consulting start-ups across Switzerland and helping develop sound business plans and valuations. These plans have subsequently been used in the fundraising process and multiple other instances where valuations may be needed, such as in financial reporting. Working as a single unit, EY’s Transaction Advisory Services team can help provide input throughout the entire transaction life cycle ranging from M&A activities to operationally related matters.

This free of charge workshop will be held in English.

Seats will go fast, so don’t wait to register!