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Workshop EPFL Innovation Park – Certification of Electronic Systems

Workshop EPFL Innovation Park

June 17th, 2016, 9h00-11h00
Salle Neptune, Bâtiment C, 1st floor

Certification of Electronic Systems – The key of a successful market entry


You are a design engineer, a project or quality manager, involved in one way or another in the development process of an electronic product, facing the traditional certification wall?

How to deal with all the rules, standards, regulations and directives, European and international? Which ones apply to your product and how to manage it?

Electrosuisse Montena EMC can help you regarding these questions. Focused on electronic or electrical products and with some short but practical examples, you will learn during this workshop:

  • The importance of the certification
  • The differences between directives, standards and european rules
  • How to efficiently integrate the certification process in your product development
  • How a safety and EMC laboratory concretely perform tests and will help you

At the time when some new European directives entry into force, understanding and staying in line with technical regulations will allow you to improve or keep your competitiveness.

The workshop will be held in English/French.
Bio of the Workshop leaders:
Olivier Cardou
Olivier is an EMC test engineer at Electrosuisse – Montena EMC. He provides customers advice on regulations and performs EMC tests on electrical and electrical products dedicated for a broad range of applications: industrial, domestic, medical or automotive with traditional or cutting-edge technologies. Besides, he regularly gives courses in EMC and certification domains.
As an EPFL electrical engineer, he has a 15 years practical experience in power electronics, cleantech and railway industries as design engineer and technical specialist with a strong background in EMC field and regulatory concerns, always focused on the support of the industry.

Christophe Perrenoud
A telecommunication Engineer with more than 10 year experience in the EMC and calibration of testing equipment.
He  is responsible of the biggest EMC test lab of Switzerland at Electrosuisse Montena EMC in Rossens and Bern as well as of the calibration laboratory of Electrosuisse.
After a Bachelor in telecommunications in 1988, he worked 15 years in wireless broadcast transmission as well as in an international supplier of cable industries testing equipment. His key areas of specialization include a large experience of EMC in lab and in field, as well as high frequency calibration, emphasizing the customer satisfaction and keeping close to the customer, always trying to find a solution.

DateJune 17th, 2016, 9h00-11h00 – Salle Neptune, Bâtiment C, 1st floor

Limited to 20 participants – First come, first served

RSVP : ignell@epfl-innovationpark.ch –> Thanks to provide your company name and location, your function & your mobile phone number.

Don’t wait too long to sign up, the places will go fast!


Best regards,
Björn Ignell
Marketing & Course Manager – CTI Entrepreneurship Suisse-Romande

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