Workshop EPFL Innovation Park: Achieving Strategic Agility

Workshop EPFL Innovation Park:

Achieving Strategic Agility

by Yves Zieba

29th September 2017
1:15-5:15PM – Room Uranus, Building D


This workshop is aimed at helping startups and companies to deal with unexpected changes and at anticipating challenges in a much faster way such as: Balancing agility and absorption, using simple rules to make decisions, prioritizing your time on the top 3 elements of your strategy.

This workshop will be customized around key strategic decisions that you are making as CEO, CTO, CIO or CFO, such as:

  • “I have too many projects/brands/companies in my portfolio”
  • “We have not invested enough in innovation for too long”
  • “Our competitors are eating our cake and moving faster than us”
  • “We see that change is coming but my team can’t keep up with the necessary change”

The workshops will be held in English and/or French, depending on the audience.

Bio of the workshop leader: Yves Zieba

Yves is a strategy consultant with a strong background in the information industry (news, data, graphs, content curation, analytics). He has worked in sales and customer service for the world leading information provider, Thomson Reuters. He brings his hands-on expertise in sales, strategy, customer centric organisation and international business development to help companies grow and expand. As an entrepreneur who likes to share with others, Yves manages the ESCP Europe alumni network in Switzerland, and leads Pangloss Labs activities (an open innovation incubator in Switzerland and France). Interested in innovation, design, education and new digital technologies, he has always worked in multicultural environments. Yves is a Trainer in the CTI Entrepreneurship Business Creation and within InnoSuisse for Social Innovation projects. He also trains for HES-SO and coach entrepreneurs at University of Geneva. Yves speaks French, English, German and Italian.

29th September 2017, 13h15-17h15 – Room Uranus, Building D
Limited to 25 participants: Strategic Decision Makers

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