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Weekly Happy Hour – sponsored by Almatech

The weekly happy hour today is sponsored by Almatech 

Even though Almatech’s heritage comes from the Space business, the company is also present in other markets. Their engineers have a strong experience in a wide range of industries such as: naval, watch, civil engineering and medical industries.

Since its inception in 2009, Almatech provides its expertise to various customers worldwide and would be pleased to propose its engineering services to local companies.

ALMATECH’s main expertise and skills are:

  • Mechanical, thermal, optical and electronical engineering,
  • CFRP material
  • Surface treatment
  • FEM Simulations (mechanical and thermal)
  • System engineering
  • Understanding of stringent environments (radiation, cryogenic, high cleanliness, vacuum condition, etc..)
  • ALMATECH’s team look forward to meeting you for this relaxing moment around a fresh beer or a fresh glass of soda and discuss about any potential interest that you may have in our engineering expertise.

Join the team today from 5.30 to 6.30 PM at PUUR in Building J!

See you later