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“The Sound of Science” – Afternoon talks at the intersection of music, brain and innovation

The Sound of Science” – Afternoon talks at the intersection of music, brain and innovation

October 2nd, at 17:00, in SV1717, EPFL

Every second our ears are decomposing thousands of sounds reaching from the most various sources. These voices can belong to cars, machines and music… In particular, the latter is an integral part of our lives: we listen to it on the radio, on television, on our phone from our computers and live at concerts. The questions immediately arise: How do we perceive music? How are sounds decoded and processed from the ear to the human brain? What have the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms brought to music industry?

Our event introduces the next generation scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs with a different perspective on music, a field usually thought to be rather humanistic. Through the participation of representatives from academia and industry, this interdisciplinary conference introduces how the brain perceives music and also showcases the improvements and innovations that science and technology have brought to music. Join us in Auditorium SV1717 at EPFL if you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn more about the challenges and the latest innovations concerning sounds and technology as well as the novel potential applications in the field of healthcare, entertainment and AI.

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16:45 | Registration
17:10 -17:25 | Innovation Forum Lausanne – Opening Remarks
17:25 -18:05 | How does the brain perceives music?
18:05 -19:00 | New technologies and algorithms in music
19:00 -19:20 | Contest – “Can you guess the sounds of EPFL?”
19:20 -20:00 | Light apéro dinner and networking

– Dr. Daniel Keppeler COO and Founder, OptoGenTech
– Dr. Steffen Herff – Scientist at Digital and Cognitive Musicology Laboratory, EPFL
– Florian Colombo – Doctoral Assistant at Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience, EPFL
– Martin Weil – Product Manager, Sony
– Dr. Cédric Duchêne – Head of Electronics & Systems Engineering, EPFL+ECAL Lab
-Dr. Alain Dufaux – Operations & Development Director, Metamedia Center– EPFL
– Mathieu Johann Clavel – Master Project Student at Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+)


Organized by Innovation Forum Lausanne