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Workshop EPFL Innovation Park

The power of the experience: how to create unbeatable experiences for your product or service

3 million brands are currently trying their best to stand out and engage with us around the planet. It sounds like a fierce competition, until we realise that most of them are just trying to sell a product or a service and are missing on creating captivating and meaningful experiences.

What you will get

In this interactive session we will dig into the knowledge of designing deep experiences for your project, unveiling skills rarely taught but which make a great difference.

Part 1 – Cracking the secrets of long lasting and deep relationships.

– from B2B to H2H
– keys of long lasting and deep relations
– what science tells us

Part 2 – Designing engaging and iconic experiences.

– the creation of an experience
– dare to be different to stand out
– reaching the iconic stage

Part 3 – Getting our stakeholders to become our project’s best advocates

– how to create advocacy from your stakeholders
– the authenticity, integrity and revolution model
– decoding the new generation’s beliefs to engage

The workshop will be held in English.

Bio of the workshop leader
Fabrice Leclerc

Fabrice Leclerc is trained as a veterinarian and in business innovation. While scooping ice-cream to pay his studies, he ended up few year later being the CEO of a very famous ice cream company. He has founded and managed the business Innovation Lab of a Fortune100 corporation, and is now advising international companies and leaders on how to raise their business performance while doing good. More on fabriceleclerc.com

TEDx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QnblHvyoM8

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