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The Power of Awareness for Managing Pressure at Work

Bring your own sandwiches!

The day Melchior Knellwolf witnessed an entrepreneur going to the hospital because of his stress, he started to give all his energy to share the inner-mastery tools he had acquired over the last years.

The life of an entrepreneur, a business or anyone, must be first of foremost a harmonious life rather than a stressed one.

Lacking the ability manage our emotions, thoughts and body functions, is the cause of many of our problems.​

In order to revert this, he invites us to take a look inside.

Through different practical inner exercises, we will be exploring in detail the mechanisms of our thoughts, emotions and body. Those 3 elements define our life experience.

The goal is simple: allowing you to become the master of your own self, so your day doesn’t look like a stressful battle, but rather a harmonious adventure.

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About “The Power of Awareness” Course Series

“The Power of Awareness” is a free 3-week course series helping entrepreneurs to explore their body & mind for a meaningful work experience.

The course consists of 3 classes:

  1. Fri 29. Nov: Managing Pressure at Work
  2. Fri 6. Dec: Effective Decision Making
  3. Fri 13. Dec: Building Strong Teams

We recommend attending all classes, as the teachings build up on the previous classes, but single sessions are possible as well.

If you are interested in this course but cannot attend the November & December sessions, send an e-mail to rojanawisut@epfl-innovationpark.ch to get notified when the course will be given again in 2020.

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