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The power of asking the right questions

What do dating and successful business have in common?


This highly interactive workshop will focus on asking the right questions and how powerful questions can be when asked strategically. You will not only get insights into impactful conversations with customers but also how to measure them for the right business impact. If you would like to get more out of your conversations and negotiations, this workshop is for you. As a bonus, you may even get better at dating!

By attending this Workshop you will…
– Learn the value of doing customer research and the right methods to use
– Learn the Do & Don’ts of conversations with your customers
– Get a step-by-step manual for your next conversation
– Play a game to become a master of asking the right questions

Who should attend?
Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Product Owners, Project Managers, Product teams, and anyone who would like to build confidence to talk to customers, partners and investors.

About Monika Zielonka
Monika Zielonka is a freelance UX Consultant and Innovation Coach. She enables startups and entrepreneurs to see their products in a way they have never experienced before – through the eyes of their customers. This is priceless! It’s the key to creating brand loyalty, and remarkable products that their clients will talk about and business investors will want to be part of.

She has worked in the UK (London) and Switzerland helping startups and large corporations to increase an impact on strategic business metrics. Her work was published in Nielsen Norman Group Annual Report ‘UX Metrics and ROI’ as an example of how to measure business investment in user experience.

Monika created a ‘Business Growth Framework’ – 3 steps process to enable businesses to understand their customer’s needs and identify innovation opportunities that won’t just increase sales, but create a tribe of loyal customers that will give them confidence in the long-term success of their business.

Monika facilitated workshops at FONGIT, Geneus, Tell NP Advisers, Swisscom, and Philip Morris Int.