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Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2020

Swisscom, in partnership with Venturelab, is launching the Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2020. It’s all about the future: 5G is the next generation of mobile communications. It will bring a whole range of new opportunities to our intelligent digital society. With extreme broadband,robust connections and low latency, 5G will change our lives, our business and our society. Let’s work together on the future!

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If you are a start-up or research team that wants to exploit the potential of 5G, apply with your product/prototype for the Exploration Week in Swisscom’s 5G Lab and take your products to the next level together with our 5G experts.

Criteria for participants

  • A prototype/product that requires the functionalities of 5G and is not or only very limitedly feasible with 4G
  • The team must be able to present the prototype/product in working order during the Exploration Week in the Swisscom 5G live network or 5G laboratory
  • The use case must be usable in Switzerland
  • An ambitious and visionary research or start-up team
  • An English speaking team

What’s in for you?

  • One-week exploration program with access to the world’s most advanced 5G network
  • Mentoring and challenging by Swisscom experts and programme partners (Venturelab, Ericsson, Qualcomm)
  • Exchange of experience in 5G with top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
  • Inputs from potential customers
  • Paid flights, accommodation and meals for two persons
  • Participation in MWC Barcelona 2021 for the winners of the public voting

PLEASE NOTICE: Startups that have already participated or have already received funding from Swisscom Ventures are not eligible. For further information, please visit the official Swisscom StartUp Challenge website.

What awaits the winners in Exploration Week 

  • Lab environment with the latest 5G architectures (from access to core including Faraday cage) in which E2E can be tested
  • Access to the Swisscom 5G live network at various locations (indoor, hotspots, in trains, rural areas)
  • Access to 5G devices (smartphones, hotspots, tablets, laptops), existing Swisscom services and measuring devices
  • Supervision/mentoring by 5G experts from Swisscom and partner companies/programme partners
  • Interactions with potential customers or partner companies
  • An unforgettable week in Switzerland with an attractive supporting programme, such as a visit to EPFL and Swiss pioneers.

Jury and mentors of the Swisscom Startup Challenge

The jury consists of members of the Swisscom Group Executive Board, Swisscom Ventures and the programme partners Venturelab, Ericsson and Qualcomm, among others. Experts from Swisscom and the programme partners will accompany the five winners during Exploration Week.

Register via Venturelab